Your harvest season: Working with the Fall Equinox


Tarot CleansingThe Fall Equinox arrives this week on Wednesday, September 23, just as the Sun moves into Libra to set up camp for the next month.

Libra, an air sign, is ruled by the scales. Often, Libra people are hardwired to serve others, but are balanced by a love for art and beauty.

And so I’ve found that the Libra people in my life have opted for careers in charity, law, or social justice, and yet they work away on comic books, paintings, or poetry in their own time – or when they allow themselves to do so.

But Librans have a tendency to let their own scales out of balance in these ways, sometimes feeling as though their drive to serve others has overshadowed their own creative impulses. Likewise, Librans who choose to lead with their artistic pursuits tend to feel guilt-ridden over time, and put themselves at risk of abandoning all their hard work as though to “atone” for letting their creative lives flourish.

I share this because whether we have any Libra energy in our charts or not, we can all learn from the lesson here, which is that when we neglect any part of our true nature, it will find a way to surface in the end no matter what – sometimes rather abruptly.

But if we take control in determining how to nurture all aspects of ourselves – which is what it means to live in balance – then we save ourselves from potentially painful or drastic shifts in our own scales of justice. Libra’s influence isn’t so much about doing what we want, but doing what we know is right – even if sometimes the right way doesn’t always feel like the easiest at first.

This is what makes the Fall Equinox so pivotal. It’s both a time of death, as we mark the transition from summer into winter, but also a time to reap what we’ve sown throughout the year. It’s a time for our own personal harvest seasons, and a time to decide what it’s time to celebrate and what it’s time to finally say goodbye to.

Remember that what we bury now will make space for new growth come spring. So this is an important time to think of your longer-term goals while showing gratitude to everything that has shown up for you so far this year.

The Equinox brings us equal parts day and night, giving us the opportunity to balance our own scales: where are you feeling over-worked? What is it time for you to listen to within your body? What do you know you need to let go of, and what do you know you need more of in your life?

“We can trust the soul to speak to us through the body,” writes Gregg Levoy in Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life. This is a message I have been taking heart a  lot lately, as I find the more I listen to my body, the more it knows what I need before my head does.

Take a few minutes on the Equinox this week to write down something that you want to see out of your life by Spring 2016, and then write down something that you want to see more of in your life by the same time. Imagine that these two are trading places, with one being buried into the ground that will soon be hardening with frost, and the other as a seed that will wait to sprout when the sun warms the earth again.

And finally, write down whatever you are grateful for this Fall season. You can list as many things here as you like, as this will be your harvest. Between now and the Winter Solstice, whenever you feel like things aren’t going your way, or you feel in doubt about your path, look back at your list and realize just how much this year has given you already.

If it feels right, light a candle as you do so, or burn a stick of incense. Ritual can be simple and personal, and even the smallest moments can bring potency to our intentions.

And if you feel like you need additional guidance in understanding what it’s time to let go of and what you would like to welcome in, I’m offering a special Fall Equinox email reading.

I’ll pull three cards to help you understand how you can work with the Fall Equinox and email your reading to you within 48 hours. These email readings are priced at just $20 and are only available until Monday, September 28, so get in on this while you can. Book your Equinox email reading now and keep an eye on your inbox.



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