Welcoming the Full Moon in Capricorn: Your forecast for the week ahead

Eight of CrystalsThink back to what you were focusing on at the start of the year.

What goals did you set for yourself in early January? There was a New Moon in Capricorn on January 9, and this Tuesday we welcome a Full Moon in the same sign, giving us a checkpoint to evaluate our progress on any special intentions or projects for the year.

Every New Moon gets a corresponding Full Moon roughly six months later, so any initiatives or changes we undertake with a New Moon can hold greater significance at these times. Because we had two Sagittarius Full Moons recently, Capricorn is a bit behind.

Capricorn might not feel like an easy place for the Moon to be. Capricorn is earthy; its energy can be a little too grounded and practical for the Moon’s fluid, intuitive nature. But Capricorn is a highly industrious sign, always climbing towards the next achievement, and that can sometimes give the comfortable, dreamy Moon a needed push.

Even though the Moon and Capricorn are not always an obvious match, I’ve often found these Moon times to be some of my most productive. There is a certain “get it done” energy that can come out now.

And so it makes sense to me, too, that the Eight of Crystals (Pentacles) showed up for this week’s forecast. This is a card that encourages you to stay focused and invest in your goals, because you will see payoff for all of your hard work. It’s a card of self-determination that often comes up when you are working on bettering yourself in some way, either personally or professionally.

How perfect is it that that would be the card to help us connect back to some early 2016 goals that might have been fueled by the excitement of entering a new year?

My Capricorn connection this week is in a tarot book I’ve been working on this year. I finished the first draft in January. After getting it back from a wonderful copy editor last week, it’s reaching the end point, and I’ll be using this Full Moon to wrap it up and set my sights on a launch plan.

So again, pay attention to what you were working on or sending out into the world in early January, as you could get some news relating to it, or find that something is coming full circle for you that was still ambiguous at the start of the year.

And if you didn’t have anything planned out when that New Moon in Capricorn was here, that’s okay. This Full Moon doesn’t have to be all about work, work, work, and you can still connect with its energy all the same.

In fact, I think this Moon is going to challenge some of us to look at how we structure our time and prioritize our lives. The Sun is still in feminine Cancer, which rules emotions and relationships, and it’s facing off that Capricorn Full Moon, which is masculine and always on a climb to the top.

So there is a sense of push and pull with this one (Full Moons love their intensity, don’t they?) as these two signs can challenge each other in ways that can be productive if their stubbornness doesn’t get in the way.

Cancer might ask Capricorn to focus less on getting to the top and even force it to question whether its drive for status and achievement is really worth it at the end of the day. Authority and hierarchy can also be taken down a notch.

But then, Capricorn might ask Cancer to stop being so soft, stop being so afraid, and start taking charge.

Questions can come up throughout the week that have us all looking at where we need to be gentler, and where we need to be more structured. That Eight of Crystals card can support this as well, for its shadow side is that of someone who is so lost in their work that they have shut out the rest of the world.

This week, the Sun and Moon will be acting as mirrors to each other, asking that we do the same.

If helps, here is a mantra that you can use throughout the week:

Balance is a myth. I embrace awareness instead, trusting that my dreams can be achieved with an open mind and heart.

And if you have a tarot deck of your own and want to connect with the energy of this Full Moon in Capricorn, here is a spread you might want to try:

1. What is coming full circle for me during this Full Moon?
2. What is it time for me to prioritize in my work or career?
3. What is it time for me to prioritize personally or emotionally?
4. What step can I take to stay open to life as it comes throughout the next six months?