Welcoming the Full Moon in Gemini: A forecast for November 23-28, 2015

This weeThe Chariotkend, the Sun said goodbye to Scorpio and entered into fiery Sagittarius. We’re all going to benefit from the added energy that Sag can bring, and not a moment too soon, especially after everything that Scorpio dragged out of the shadows.

The Gemini Full Moon on November 25 is going to be quite powerful. Gemini rules communication, intellect, and ideas, making the start of this week a great time to hit “publish” on a new blog, launch a web series, or put the finishing touches on an ebook or proposal.

The start of this week is also great for announcing new collaborations or partnerships.

Beyond that, it’s a time to use your voice, and to not only speak your truth, but show that you are living it.

I asked the tarot for a message I could share with you this week, and the card I pulled was the Chariot. The Chariot shows up when we need to stay focused and determined. It urges you to keep moving towards your goal and says that as long as you keep moving, victory will be yours.

But the Chariot also warns that it might take some blood, sweat, and tears to get there, and this week’s Full Moon will likely amplify that as it pulls at all of us to bring something to completion. I’ve come across a few articles now about this week’s Full Moon saying it could bring on some difficult or frenetic energy.

I think that’s a bit harsh – a lot of Full Moons can do that, anyway – and often, when we’re prepared to flow with the Moon’s energy rather than fight it, it’s a lot easier to take what comes.

If you do feel pulled in different directions mid-week, remember that Sagittarius is a seeker. It’s not an energy that likes to be tied down, as it’s always on a quest for truth and knowledge. Sagittarius makes its own rules, and this week you’re encouraged to make your own, too, especially if it’s going to help you tap into the energy of the Chariot and keep your eye on whatever prize is in your sights.

This is also a week to protect your priorities. Be your own advocate. Carve out the time and space you need to do what you’ve got to do. The Gemini energy of this Moon will be receptive to feedback, so get your voice out there and say whatever needs to be said. You might be surprised as who comes to your side in support.

Later in the week, the Moon moves into Cancer, which can bring on a bit of melancholy. Cancer Moons can trigger self-doubt, shyness, or insecurities, so if you catch yourself feeling like something has burst your bubble and you’re not even sure what, you’re probably tapping into that Moon in Cancer.

After the rush of energy that’s coming through the first half of the week, take it as a time for necessary downtime. The Chariot is associated to the astrological sign of Cancer, so while it’s an image of battle, it’s not all about pushing ahead for the win. After the sweetness of victory comes a time to rest and reflect on how far you’ve come, making this weekend one to unwind.

Personally, I’m thinking pizza, movies, and blankets.

What sounds good to you?

Ready for the week? Here’s a mantra to help keep you going:

“The more I trust in my vision, the truer it becomes.”