Welcoming the Full Moon in Sagittarius and Mercury in Gemini

Ten of Crystals Starchild 2Open to inspiration this week.

And, open to Spirit, whatever that may be for you: Your higher self, your connection to this world we are all moving through, your deities.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius arrives tomorrow, Tuesday, May 29. Last year, this lunation opened me up so, so much.

I remember, after my working day wrapped up, taking a walk to the park down the street to unwind for a bit.

And just within the walk itself I remember feeling flooded with intense emotions and thoughts surrounding my spiritual path and what I feel is my purpose.

It was almost overwhelming. Later, energized, I went for a seven-kilometer run as the sun went down because I had so much extra energy.

This is the expansive nature of Sagittarius. Ruled by Jupiter, it likes to go big. Spirituality, optimism, and connectivity are key themes for Sagittarius. It likes to operate on a philosophical level.

It wants to know:

Why are we in each other’s lives?
What we are here to learn from one another?
What is the spiritual lesson behind our connection?

These may be questions you would like to reflect upon in your own life during tomorrow’s Full Moon.

Full moons often connect back to their corresponding new moons from six months earlier, too. So if you had set any intentions during the Sagittarius New Moon on December 17, 2017, you may get an answer back on that, or see an echo of the energy you put into the world then.

You can also use this Full Moon to re-set an intention if need be.

Whatever you choose to do with it this week, try to stay open to whatever comes up. Yes, full moons have a reputation for intensity, but they can also flood us with inspiration.

Mercury also enters Gemini on Tuesday, May 29. Mercury is at home here, working at is full capacity.

This is going to be particularly helpful for air signs in moving things forward and cutting through confusion, but this transit can bring a much-needed breath of fresh air all around.

Think: Clarity, insight, and decisive action.

The Ten of Crystals is the card for this week, bringing something to culmination. Things come together with this card, as they do with full moons.

Trust that any insights that occur are guideposts, helping to show you which way to turn.

Here is a mantra for the days ahead:

I am open to what the universe is trying to tell me.

And if you’d like to use tarot to connect with this week’s Full Moon, here is a spread to help:

1. What is it time for me to open to?
2. What does Spirit want to tell me?
3. What gift can I now bring forward?
4. What insight must I accept?

And if you’d like to book a reading with me for some additional guidance, I would love to work with you.

Visit lizworth.com/readings to learn more.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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