Welcoming the Full Moon in Taurus: A time of manifestation

knight-of-swords-starchildHappy Full Moon in Taurus!

I have been anxiously awaiting this Full Moon. Why? Because I love the energy of Taurus: It’s productive, nurturing, grounded, and luxurious. What a wonderful combination, no?

I love the duality of life, especially when it manifests in the zodiac. Taurus can be hard-working and diligently organized. (I always say, if you want something done, ask an earth sign.) But Taurus never, ever forgets to stop and smell the roses, either. Taurus likes to enjoy the good things in life.

Personally, as a fire sign, I can get obsessed with momentum and progress with my own goals, but forget to slow down and enjoy the journey as it unfolds. So whenever the Taurus energy is strong in the sky, I grab onto it.

Today’s Full Moon will correspond to the New Moon in Taurus that took place earlier this year in May. That was a strong time for manifestation, particularly in connection to prosperity, love, confidence, and overall abundance.

What intentions were you setting back in the spring? What did you want to bring to fruition in your career, your relationships, or your sense of stability overall? Today can be a good day to reconnect with those intentions, and set them again if you want to strengthen them.

You might find that within the next couple of weeks, you begin to experience some tangible rewards for what you’ve been working towards.

Whatever you are focusing on at this time, you might want to treat yourself to a small luxury. Perhaps buying a special piece of chocolate, having a glass of wine by yourself after work, or simply taking the long way home so that you can stop and enjoy some fall scenery can all be ways you can indulge in the energy of today’s Full Moon.

Remember, too, that the Full Moon is a significant time for releasing any unwanted thoughts, situations, or old ideals.

Interestingly, the Knight of Swords was the card to appear for this week’s forecast. The Swords correspond to the cerebral element of air – they reflect what’s in our thoughts.

In the context of Taurus’s earthy energy, I find this card to be sending quite an interesting message. I see that the figure has dropped their sword, and looks as though they are about to dive into the pool of light below.

What might the message be here? That it’s time to let down your guard. Put your worries aside for a moment (not easy, I know, but if you can, let them rest just for now) and let yourself wander. Put your trust back into the earth, back into the energy of the universe, and remember that you don’t have to do everything all the time.

There are all kinds of other flows and rhythms out there waiting to be heard, waiting to be danced to. Maybe this week, you can allow for the influence of the Full Moon to guide you towards a new way of moving.

If it helps, here is a mantra for you to work with throughout the week:

New discoveries are just around the corner when I allow myself to be at ease.

And if you have your tarot deck and would like to connect with the energy of this Full Moon in Taurus, here is a tarot spread you can at home:

1. What part of my potential is coming full circle at this time?
2. What can I release in order to create more ease in my life?
3. What gift is the universe offering me at this time?
4. What can I do to strengthen my relationship with myself?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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