Welcoming the full Moon in Virgo: Your forecast for the week of February 22, 2016

Six of Swords StarchildRemember last week when the Six of Swords appeared for this weekly forecast?

Well, it’s here again for the week of February 22, which starts off with a full Moon today in Virgo.

Pulling the same card is something that happens a lot in tarot, especially when it’s a message that needs to be heard. Today’s Six of Swords came from a different deck – the Starchild Tarot – and this is also something that happens to me often when I see repeating cards. The right messages always find their way to you.

The number six is all about balance, which fits into Virgo’s sensibilities quite well. Virgo is particularly concerned with the physical self, helping us to become aware of any changes that might need to be made that can make us feel healthier, more grounded, and better connected with our bodies.

And with the Sun having just moved into spiritual, dreamy Pisces on Friday, this week is a wonderful time to bring together the mind, body, and soul.

Virgo encourages simplicity in our lives. There is discipline to Virgo’s energy because it’s a sign that sees the body as a temple.

Pisces, which is all about connecting to our higher selves, sees everything as a temple: Our bodies, our minds, the world around us. Anything can be meaningful when Pisces energy is strong, and so this is a time to declare what is sacred to you, especially when it comes to your health and well-being.

Full Moons are a time of release. The message of the Six of Swords is one of letting go, of moving away from unwanted or unnecessary stress and strain. Where last week, this card spoke of transitioning from trials and tribulations, now its power can be found in shedding any habits, mindsets, or beliefs about that are creating an imbalance within you, physically and emotionally.

This full Moon also corresponds to the new Moon in Virgo that took place in September. Seeds that you planted then can be coming to fruition now. That was also a very healing Moon, and insights into changes that needed to be made can be coming up now for evaluation.

And if you’ve been ignoring any health issues (including stress), then this Moon might highlight them for you as a strong reminder that you need to be your first priority.

For me, this Virgo energy has had a very unexpected effect. I’ve been going to the gym for years now, and over a year ago became very interesting in weight lifting, to the point where I’ve been lifting for six days a week.

Rarely would I miss a day, but leading up to September’s Virgo new Moon, I started to feel like I needed to ease up on my routine, which wasn’t an easy thing for me to do. It also felt unexpected; I wasn’t looking for reasons not to go to the gym, because it’s something I enjoy.

And then right around the time of that Moon, I had a dream where a woman (messages are often delivered to be by women in my dreams) told me I needed to be careful because I was in the process of damaging my right knee, and it would affect my mobility later on if I didn’t correct myself.

I had been noticing some pain there, but nothing that felt out of the ordinary. Still, I eased up a little and throughout the Fall, things felt fine.

But this past week, I’ve once again been feeling like my motivation has been lagging. I’ve been opting to sleep a little longer instead of rushing off to the gym in the morning. I’ve been going on long walks instead of lifting weights.

So for me, there’s something about this Virgo energy that seems to be pulling at me to slow down, and to go easier on my body. Rest is as important as exercise; it’s finding the right balance between the two that matters.

And so that’s how I’ll be using this full Moon, as a way to explore other options that can help me stay connected to my body without pushing it to the limits on a daily basis.

Pisces season is a highly intuitive time, and Virgo’s energy can enhance that. Intuition will come through our bodies as much as it will through our hearts and minds, so listen for any intuitive hits that you receive, and stay open to however they may be delivered to you.

This full Moon is also known as a Cougar Moon, representing solitary, elusive hunters. Food is sparse in late winter, and cougars survive through their ability to thrive on their own instincts, regardless of harsh conditions.

This is another aspect that can be taken to heart now, as it particularly resonates with the energy of Pisces, encouraging introspection and reflection.

Here is a mantra to help you work with this week’s energy:

“All of the knowledge I will ever need is already within me. The more I respect my mind and body, the more I learn from myself and my soul.”

And if you have your own tarot deck and would like to connect with the energy of this Virgo Moon, here is a simple spread and ritual you can try at home:

1. How can I honour my body at this time?
2. How can I honour my mind at this time?
3. How can I honour my spirit at this time?
4. What can I offer to this Moon as an act of letting go?

Once you are clear on what it’s time to let go of, you can write it down on a piece of paper and burn it as an “offering” to the full Moon, allowing for the smoke to rise up and carry away whatever is no longer serving you.

And if you’d like to book a reading with me to gain insights about where you’re at right now, you can do that here.


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