Welcoming the Gemini New Moon and more

The Hermit Cosmic tarotWhat have you come into this world to say?

What have you come here to teach?

What message are you here to share?

We each have purpose in this world. Often, people come to me for readings wondering what their purpose is.

They are looking for one thing, one answer. But is purpose a singular experience?

We always have to be mindful that life is a mystery. We can theorize and philosophize on the journey of the soul and the meaning of life but really, the best we can do is speculate.

Faith and spirituality teach us to embrace the uncertainty that sits beyond that speculation.

We also have to be open to the idea that we have multiple purposes throughout a lifetime. It’s not like you just find it one day and voila: that’s it, the work of your life is done and there’s nothing left to figure out.

No, purpose may be ongoing, time-sensitive, and even relationship or location-specific.

Think about the people who are in your life right now. Maybe they are different from the people you surrounded yourself with ten years ago.

Maybe you have moved to several cities in your lifetime, or you plan to. Maybe you have had different careers, or have focused on different hobbies or projects that put you in touch with other people, or opened up new ideas for you.

Consider that each of those scenarios has supported your purpose somehow. Maybe you had to play a certain role in someone’s life. Maybe you inspired or taught someone something – or maybe your purpose was to be the student at the time.

Maybe you fulfilled your purpose in a certain place for a while, and then found yourself moving on once that purpose ran its course.

We may not always be conscious of how our purpose is playing out, and that can be an uncomfortable or even painful proposition for our egos.

The ego wants to feel wanted, needed, recognized. It wants to have the starring role in the script of your life, but sometimes someone else has the lead and your purpose is to be supporting cast.

You never know.

But what you can be sure of is that your voice – the things you’ve said, the things you’ve shared, the guidance or insight or advice you’ve given throughout the years has fulfilled some kind of purpose.

The Gemini New Moon arrived at 6:02am EST today. This New Moon brings us prime energy to become more intentional about how our voices are being used, channeled, and heard.

Gemini is a sacred communicator. It is a messenger, though that’s not to say it has the final word on what’s right or wrong with this world. No, Gemini is not about the black and white approach.

It is about listening as much as talking. Learning as much as teaching.

It is about striking that balance between student and mentor, and remembering that we walk both paths throughout our lives, often simultaneously.

Like the Hermit card that showed up for this week’s message, the Gemini New Moon reminds us that power is not always found in talking for the sake of it, but in finding value in reflection and introspection.

The New Moon is always a good time to be on your own for a little while to allow this new lunar cycle’s energy to surface. Let it show you the way rather than forcing yourself to act upon it immediately.

Set an intention today to open to how you can best use your voice at this moment in time. If you find yourself in conversations, debates, or disagreements that you know are not conducive to your highest potential, allow today to be a turning point from which you can use your voice with better purpose.

If you’d like to connect with the Gemini New Moon through tarot, here is a spread to help:

1. What am I learning at this time?
2. What am I teaching at this time?
3. What am I overthinking at this time?
4. What am I becoming at this time?

Want to add more magic to your New Moon intention-setting? My New Moon Meditations can help guide you through each lunar cycle – including today’s Gemini New Moon. Order yours here.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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