Welcoming the New Moon and solar eclipse in Cancer and more

The Tower Cosmic TarotThere’s a lot to unpack with this week’s energies.

Today, Monday, July 1, Mars enters Leo at 7:19pm EST. The warrior planet enters a sign of creative expression, attention, recognition, and pride.

As Mars moves through Leo until August 18, you can get intentional about how you want to use its energy. You can also become aware of how it may be influencing you – and redirect that influence if it’s not aligning with your highest integrity at this time.

For example: Mars in Leo can light a fire in your heart. It can inspire you to get noticed, or put yourself out there in a new way. Or to put more time and passion into a creative project.

This kind of energy can be particularly helpful to work with if you struggle to be seen, or if you’ve been working on building your public profile in some way.

But Mars in Leo can also give some people too much bravado. Channeled differently, it can make some of us hungry for attention. It can overinflate an ego, or highlight a pushy, impatient vibe within the collective.

In some instances, Leo can be all about, “me, me, me.” So if you’re being sidelined by an attention-seeker at work, or perhaps you’re noticing some of these traits within yourself, use this time to redirect this energy towards something that feels more constructive:

Put time into your own projects, for example, or create clear action steps that will help you gain the credit and recognition you want in a positive, constructive way.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 2, we welcome the New Moon and solar eclipse in Cancer at 3:16pm.

Solar eclipses are catalysts for change. As I was preparing this message, I pulled a tarot card for guidance here and got the Tower.

No surprise.

But don’t let the thought of change alarm you.

Eclipse season is here to help you clean house. The change an eclipse brings is not always dramatic, or even noticeable at first; it can be subtle, nuanced. It can come in the form of an idea or conversation, a small realization that you may have as you drive home or crawl into bed.

In Cancer, this New Moon and solar eclipse will push you to prioritize what’s in your heart. This new lunar cycle will highlight themes of self-care, quality time, and the value of your relationships and personal life.

If you’ve been struggling with commitments that may look good on paper, but don’t really light you up, this eclipse season can help to clarify what that means for you moving forward.

Anyone who is hoping to set intentions around making more time for friends and family, or focusing on more personal goals will want to connect with this week’s New Moon. Ask yourself:

“What do I hope to experience in my life as a result of the changes I would like to make?”

On Wednesday, July 3, Venus enters Cancer, too, bringing us added emphasis around personal and intuitive pursuits.

If you’d like to connect with this week’s New Moon and solar eclipse in Cancer, here’s a tarot spread that can help:

1. What kind of change is in the air for me?
2. What can I create as a result?
3. What does my heart desire at this time?
4. What can I experience if I surrender to change?

Until next time,

Liz xo

Life these days can be confusing, but there are ways to take control over your personal priorities. Each New Moon offers us an opportunity for change, growth and new beginnings.

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