Welcoming the New Moon in Aquarius and Mars in Aries: A week of fast action and awakenings.

seven-of-cupsI wasn’t surprised to see the Seven of Cups appear for this week’s message.

The Seven of Cups is a highly creative card. It indicates an array of ideas and opportunities. It can be a portal into dream worlds, where visions have the chance to become beautiful realities – if you can stay focused and committed enough to seeing them through.

This Friday, January 27, brings a portal into dream worlds with the New Moon in Aquarius. As I mentioned last week, Aquarius energy is innovative, independent, rebellious, and future-oriented.

If you are looking for a way forward – a moment of clarity or inspiration perhaps, or simply the momentum to get going on something – this New Moon might be one to pay attention to.

This weekend brings a double-dose of action-oriented awakenings when Mars moves into Aries on Saturday, January 28.

Mars, the planet of war, has been in dreamy, spiritual Pisces since December 19. This isn’t really the ideal placement for Mars. Pisces likes to feel things out and take its time to connect with its intuition and divine knowing. Mars, on the other hand, wants to go, go, go. It’s more of an, “act now, think later” type of energy.

Mars rules Aries, the go-getter of the zodiac, so it’s very much returning home this weekend. If you are a fire sign, or have a lot of fire in your chart, and you’ve felt slowed down or fuzzy-headed since mid-December, you might have been particularly affected by Mars in Pisces.

This weekend can be a turning point for anyone who needs to breathe life into a plan. Think of the universe as a dragon, spitting fire to help bring new possibilities to light.

What might open up for you right now? If you’re not sure where to direct your energy, remember that both the New Moon in Aquarius and Mars in Aries are highly individualistic.

This is might be a time to look at all of the possibilities that you have floating around you right now. I know some of people struggle to see what’s available to them, but trust me – there is always something out there waiting for you to take notice of it.

Take a cue from the Seven of Cups if it helps: Write down seven different ideas, pathways, or possibilities that you have available to you, or that you would like to explore. These can be things that already exist in your life, or ones you have yet to make real.

Decide which one will best shape your identity in the year to come. What would you be most proud of? What would bring the most joy? What might match up best with who you want to grow into down the road?

And staying true to Aquarius and Aries, what will make you feel freer and more independent?

Once you’ve made your choice, take a step towards it this weekend and start making it happen.

Here’s a mantra to help:

I am ready to open up a portal of possibility.

And if you have a tarot deck of your own and would like to connect to the energies available this week, here’s a simple spread you can try at home:

1. What kind of doorway can I open for myself at this time?
2. What will I find on the other side of it?
3. What will it help me to foster within myself?
4. What can I accomplish on this new path?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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