Welcoming the New Moon in Aquarius and Solar Eclipse

Seven of Swords Starchild TarotAlready we are in the final week of Aquarius season. Where does the time go?

Even though I find that time is always slipping away, it seems to speed up even more somehow whenever the Sun is in an air sign.

Aquarius season can be a challenging time to find your focus, or your footing. Ruled by revolutionary Uranus, Aquarius offers wildly creative thinking.

It’s a season that can bring breakthroughs and ah-a moments, but you have to be quick to catch them. Attention spans can change like the weather when we are moving through the element of air.

Aquarius’ forward-thinking energy helps us to get ahead of ourselves. This is the 11th sign of the zodiac, helping us to understand our current place in the world and the impact we hope to make. It helps us to think about what the future might hold as we prepare to launch into spring.

In another week, we will be in Pisces season, a sign of transcendence, a solar transit that helps us to bring together all of our lessons and experiences from the past year and find ourselves at a new precipice.

This Thursday, February 15, the Aquarius New Moon arrives at 4:05pm EST. This New Moon comes late in the Aquarius season, just as January’s Capricorn New Moon did. With it comes a solar eclipse, which will initiate us into a new chapter of growth.

Last week’s lunar eclipse might have caused a stirring from within. Lunar energy connects to our inner worlds, but solar is external.

The sun is ego and identity. It is outward expression and day-to-day action. Think of them in terms of what they do: The Moon rises in the dark, when things are hidden. The Sun exposes whatever is in the shadows.

This is a time to bring a new part of yourself forward. It’s a time to welcome growth and change no matter how uncomfortable it is. Some people experience unexpected change during eclipse season. Breakups, job changes, or other sudden news can sometimes come out of nowhere.

Not everyone will have a dramatic shake up during an eclipse, however. It all depends on where you are at in your life, and what your own path is at this time. Just as with any astrological transit, not everyone feels these energies in the same way. Some people may be under a stronger astrological influence than others.

It’s also important to remember that astrology doesn’t do anything to you. Sometimes, changes that are instigated during an eclipse happen because those changes were overdue, or were meant to be. While I strong believe in free will, my personal philosophies sit somewhere between choice and destiny.

Sometimes certain outcomes are inevitable, but we may have some choice in how we get there, or in whether we can prolong those pathways.  

I pulled the Seven of Swords for this week’s forecast. Immediately my eye was drawn to the single sword that rises above the rest.

No matter what is happening for you at this time, I would like to use the Seven of Swords as a prompt for the week ahead.

With so much possibility in the air right now, pay attention to your predominant thoughts.

What is that one idea that you can’t shake?

What has been trying to get your attention for the past few weeks?

What do you witness on the day of the New Moon?

Pay attention to what is rising up to the surface for you at this time. Pay attention to what you feel is within reach, even if it is still just a concept right now.

What is rising to the surface may be part of your next step. Let yourself be transformed if that is what is needed right now.

Here is a mantra for the days to come:

“I am ready to see the way forward.”

And if you have a tarot deck of your own and would like to connect to the energies available this week, here’s a simple spread you can try at home:

1. What do I need to focus on most right now?
2. What can I start once I find that focus?
3. What change must I accept?
4. Who am I becoming as a result?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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