Welcoming the New Moon in Aries (and the end of Mercury retrograde)

Nine of WandsThis weekend we welcome the first New Moon of the season on Sunday, April 15.

The New Moon in Aries initiates us into the fire. We often talk about new moons as fertile ground for planting seeds. But this one can also be looked at as a spark. It is a match, waiting for you to strike.

What are you ready to heat up?
Where do you need a bit fire in your life?
Where do you need some new life, movement, or momentum?

We are in the season of new. And in the season of “I.”  

Uranus also only has a month left in Aries. On May 15, the planet of revolution will enter Taurus. 

This New Moon is ready to stir something within you. Uranus is an awakener, and in Aries it has been pushing us to break through, and break free. Now, this New Moon acts as a portal to new potential. 

Stop hesitating. Walk through it. Accept the invitation to break the mold.

Aries is independent, and fiercely individual. Its energy and influence helps us to self-actualize, to carve away at our identity so that we can clearly define ourselves.

Aries invites you to ask, “Who am I, and how do I love myself?”

It’s not necessarily a season about changing who you are, unless you feel called to do so. But more often, Aries is about claiming all aspects of yourself, of witnessing your identity, your character, and your aspirations and appreciating all that they give you.

That’s regardless of whatever you feel is flawed, or underdeveloped. Regardless of what you wish was different, or what you are unsure will ever be enough.

I used to linger heavily over what I felt were my shortcomings. But one day, something changed. I noticed that the more I accepted a weakness or limitation within myself, I also become clearer about my strengths.

Aries helps us to invite confidence. It helps us to find stamina and resilience in the places where we feel most uncertain.

And it helps us to forge ahead, trusting the creative force that lives within. It is the fire that lives inside, the one that gnaws away at you and says, “What are you waiting for?”

Aries is impatient. It likes urgency. Fire burns, after all, and if it doesn’t act fast, it will eventually turn to ash.

So this New Moon invites you to act. To dare. To risk. To set an intention to do something that might scare you. That might still feel a bit too big, or too gutsy.

Aries says, “Go for it. Make your move. Let my flame ignite yours.”

Mercury retrograde also ends on Sunday, April 15, with Mercury going direct at 5:21 am EST. The Aries New Moon arrives at 9:57pm EST. So you may feel a shift in energy throughout the day.

The Nine of Wands is the card I pulled for this week. With its image of a dream catcher suspended in the sky, it immediately made me think of how sometimes, we can feel like our plans seem to hang in the balance during Mercury retrograde periods.

I feel like this card invites you to stay where you are for the rest of the week.

If life feels a bit up in the air right now, make note of what you are ready to make happen once Sunday rolls around. You can pick up wherever you left off, or choose to begin something new entirely.

Here’s a mantra for the week ahead:

“My intentions will light the way.”

And if you want to connect with this weekend’s Aries New Moon, here is a tarot spread to help:

1. What is it time for me to begin?
2. What fear must I leave behind in order to do this?
3. How can I cultivate deeper confidence?
4. What can no longer hold me back?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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