Welcoming the New Moon in Cancer

Six of WandsHappy New Moon in Cancer, and happy 4th of July to my friends in the U.S.! Wherever you are today, I hope the week is off to a great start.

The sign of Cancer is the crab, and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. (Side note: I’m always fascinated by the fact that crabs’ mating and birthing cycles are consistently tied to New and Full Moons – astrology is such a beautiful system that continuously ties into life’s rhythms.)

The Moon is very comfortable in Cancer, because this is its home. But because Cancer is such a sensitive sign in the zodiac, we can all feel a little more emotional than usual today, and just like the tide, the moods that this Moon brings can feel up and down.

Regardless, I feel like there is something very soft and optimistic that’s riding those waves today. We’ve just come out of a Mars retrograde, which might have slowed you down or momentarily stalled some of your plans or goals.

And because Mars affects our confidence, vitality, will, courage, and conviction to forge ahead, its backspin could have impacted you in a very personal way by highlighting certain insecurities or fears in order to face them once and for all.

So it’s great to have a New Moon so close to the end of that Mars retrograde, as New Moons always help to welcome new energies and new beginnings. And with the sign of Cancer being one that focuses on love, relationships, comfort, security, and an open heart, I see that today’s New Moon brings an opportunity to heal any recent wounds and reconnect with any goals that might have gotten sidetracked throughout the year.

Cancer also connects to friends, family, and community, which I see in the Six of Wands that came up for this week’s forecast. This card heralds a time to allow yourself to be loved and admired by others. Even if you’re not one to crave attention or step out into the spotlight very often, the Six of Wands says it’s time to let yourself be seen and heard. It can also bring good news, which to me is reinforcing the shift that we’ll begin to feel as Mars picks up speed.

Though Cancer is very concerned with relationships, it also maintains its independence and likes to be creative in how it moves through life. Some of the most creative, ambitious, fearlessly eccentric people I know are Cancerians.

So remember that this New Moon brings a chance for you to inspire those around you and deepen your connection to your community on your terms.

Express yourself. Allow some vulnerability to show through. Let someone know you care about them. Let your heart open wide and give something of yourself, whether it’s through a friendly gesture, a work of art, or a phone call to an old friend.

You never know what new bonds can be forged under this New Moon, or how you might end up reconnecting with yourself in the process. Self-love will be important now, too, especially if you were hit hard by that Mars retrograde. (If you felt on edge last week, you were probably feeling Mars’ energy. I know I was!)

If it helps, here’s a mantra you can work with throughout the week:

I allow my feelings to flow through me, knowing that they are all valid aspects of who I am.

And if you have a tarot deck of your own and would like to use it to connect with this new lunar cycle, here is a simple spread you can try at home:

  1. How will this New Moon impact my relationships overall?
  2. How can I love myself during this New Moon?
  3. What do I need most at this time?
  4. What can I share with others at this time?

Have a great week, everyone!

Until next time,

Liz xo

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