Welcoming the New Moon in Capricorn

Ten of CrystalsThe New Moon in Capricorn arrives this week on Tuesday, January 16, at 9:17 pm EST.

Venus will also be in the final degrees of Capricorn during this New Moon, moving into Aquarius on Wednesday.

This is the first New Moon of 2018, the first lunar threshold of the year. New moons are invitations, times to set intentions, to focus on moving forward, to take a step towards a new reality.

In earthy Capricorn, the invitation this lunar cycle brings is connected to ambition, work, and tangible goals. This is a very action-oriented New Moon. With Venus also in Capricorn, you might be feeling more focused than usual, more driven.

If you’ve been waiting to take action on some New Year’s resolutions, or perhaps have been waiting to set some, this is the New Moon that can get you started.

Capricorn is a taskmaster. It gets things done. I often talk about new moons as times to plant seeds, and here we have an earthy New Moon to help you do just that.

While last week I talked about the heaviness of the world, I also mentioned there is always hope. There is also always an ebb and flow in our moods and energy levels, and those fluctuations can often come through the phases of the Moon.

We are very connected to the tides of the Moon. Capricorn’s earth energy is grounding and calming. It can help you to find your focus and feel ready to dig your heels into a passion project, or an important goal, or just get down to business with that to-do list that keeps staring back at you.

Let this New Moon be a stabilizing force. It can help you to see when you are taking on more than is possible, and helps you to find new ways to work differently.

So don’t feel pressured to give into Capricorn’s driven energy if you’re not working towards any major goals right now. You can use this as a time to care for yourself more as you try to balance the push and pull of life, or to find better focus for your energy overall.

This is where you can anchor yourself if you need to this week. This is the time to draw a new line in the sand. When you start to do things differently, life around you is forced to adapt.

The Ten of Crystals was the card that appeared for this week’s forecast. This card connects to culmination and success; it is where things can start to come together. So keep that in mind, too. We are early in the year, and this first New Moon can ask you to look at the bigger picture.

Where do you want to be by the time December rolls around?

What do you know needs to be nurtured in your life at this time? How would things change if you put your attention there?

If you want to connect with this New Moon, here is a tarot spread you might like to try:

1. What seeds can I plant at this time?
2. What can they grow into as 2018 unfolds?
3. What threshold can I cross with this New Moon?
4. What kind of offering can I leave behind in gratitude? 

Later this week, on Friday, January 19, the Sun will enter Aquarius, where consciousness expands. New ideas, and new answers, are on their way. The year is young, and there is still so much to experience.

For now, here is a mantra for you to work with as the week unfolds:

The seeds of my dreams are in my hands.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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