Welcoming the New Moon in Gemini, and a boost from Venus

Four of Wands Cosmic TarotLast week I mentioned I was feeling my energy sag under the adjustment of Uranus’ transit through Taurus.

If you have been in the same boat, or are hoping for a bit of oomph this week, buckle up: We’ve got a few things to talk about regarding the days ahead. And they look promising.

This Tuesday, June 12, Mercury enters intuitive. Mercury is a rational, clear-headed energy. When it gets into a water sign like Cancer, which is ruled by the ever-changing Moon, Mercury has to work a little bit harder to stay focused and stay on message.

But I think this transit can give us some interesting things to work with.

Especially if you are ready to channel a creative breakthrough, tap into some new synchronicities, or connect with your spiritual self.

Dreams, omens, and intuitive hits may be strong guides in the weeks to come.

It can be a fruitful time for those who have been wanting to build more trust in the universe, or who are breaking through skepticism or healing a spiritual void.

Mercury in Cancer invites each of us to dare to look beyond the obvious, and even beyond the veil. Tilt your perspective towards something unexpected and you may be well-rewarded with a glimpse of the divine.

And if nothing else, Mercury in Cancer asks us to find a bridge between the head and the heart. Sometimes, it’s hard to separate our thoughts from our feelings, and vice versa. Sometimes, we need to spend a little more time listening to our intuition, asking ourselves whether our energy is going into the right people and promises.

And if you do have intentions to open your mind, expand creatively, or deepen your connection to life itself, there is more to come.

On Wednesday, June 13, the Gemini New Moon arrives at 3:43 pm EST. Two hours later, Venus enters expressive Leo at 5:54pm.

The Gemini New Moon is the last new lunar cycle of the spring. Next week, the summer solstice arrives, ushering us into new themes and energies of the summer season.

Ruled by Mercury, Gemini helps us to think, plan, strategize, brainstorm, learn, and connect.

It’s a wonderful New Moon to work with if you are ready to expand your mind through knowledge, creativity, or social connection.

Gemini is symbolized by the twins, and so it reminds us that two heads are better than one. Have you been sitting on an idea for a blog you’d like to write? This week’s New Moon says, “Get writing.”

Do you have a novel or manuscript sitting off to the side somewhere, untouched for months? This New Moon says, “Now is the time to re-commit to bringing it to life.”

Have you been craving more connection with friends?

Do you want to strengthen existing friendships, or seek out new ones?

Do you want to build community in interesting new spaces, perhaps exploring poetry readings or a lecture series?

This New Moon says, “Go out and see what the world has to offer.” 

With Venus, the patron of the arts, entering fiery, confident Leo so soon after this New Moon, it feels like an auspicious time to put creative and social energies forward.

Venus is also the planet of love. She encourages us to focus on our relationships, and Leo loves to be around people.

How else would it be able to share its brilliant ideas and generous nature?

Inspiring days lay ahead. We see this in the card for the week, with the Four of Wands.

In the Cosmic Tarot, we have an image of a woman standing on one foot. She may be dancing, or balancing. The first time I saw this image, I wondered if she was imitating the bird overhead, attempting to fly.

How will you use your intentions to fly? How does your creativity help you soar?

Sometimes, when we catch a moment of inspiration, it gives us such a boost, reminding us in the possibility of our desires, putting us back in touch with our own capabilities.

Invite inspiration in this week, in whatever form it may take for you.

If it helps, here is an intention to support that:

“I open to the possibility that lives within.”

And if you want to work with this week’s Gemini New Moon, here is a tarot spread to help:

1. How can I best express myself during this New Moon?
2. What is it time for me to share with the world?
3. What can community mean for me?
4. What new possibility is opening up for me at this time?

And remember, if you want to book some time with me for a private reading, you can do so here. I have availability coming up for readings in person and via Skype.

Until next time,
Liz xo

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