Welcoming the New Moon in Leo and the solar eclipse

High Priestess Starchild“Did you realize the moon roars, Laura? It calls out as it pulls on the chains of the tides.”
– Tanith Lee, Heart-Beast

I recently came across that quote by author Tanith Lee and it got me thinking about other sounds the Moon might make. If it were to have a song for August, it might be a lion’s roar.

Today brings the second Leo New Moon in a row, following the first that arrived on July 23.

Today also brings a solar eclipse.

Every New Moon offers an opportunity to set a new intention or to set off on a new beginning. But today’s Moon is different. Today’s Moon is a doorway. It’s an invitation. And it’s a flickering flame, ready to set something alight in your life.

Leo is fire energy. It is dramatic and expressive, fierce and creative, generous and larger-than-life. To have two new lunar cycles in the sign of the lion is special. Leo lives to access its power, and to be recognized for its gifts and talents.

This season is giving all of us two chances to aim higher, to step into whatever spotlight we seek, to explore and embrace a side of ourselves that needs to be brought front and centre.

Leo demands attention, and so this lunar energy might be bringing something forward in your life that is demanding your time and energy. Something that maybe you’ve ignored, or put off to the side for too long.

This is a New Moon that can help you know what your seat of power is. If you were to roar like a lion, what would it be about? What would you be announcing? What would you be declaring?

Imagine, if your desired way of feeling, or of being, were just steps away. Imagine if your ability to grab onto an ambition or goal could start right now.

Today, you might want to picture that every little move you make is inching you closer to where you want to be – even if you feel far away from it all right now. Setting an intention doesn’t have to be complicated: It is about being clear and decisive about what you are ready to move towards.

You don’t have to have all the steps figured out. You just have to decide to make it happen.

The High Priestess showed up for this week’s message, a card that, for me, feels connected to the solar eclipse that is occurring today as well. Solar eclipses can trigger change around us – they seem to have an ability to actually “eclipse” things within our own lives, whether they are beliefs, situations, or relationships.

But like the tarot’s High Priestess, they can also act in mysterious ways. The High Priestess doesn’t reveal herself easily, and the impact of a solar eclipse can sometimes start in subtle shifts – an idea here, a feeling there.

Pay close attention to the intentions you feel called to set at this New Moon. This is a lunar cycle that can kickstart some brave new territory for you, if that’s what you want right now, or if it’s what you need.

Instead of a mantra for this week, I’m including a statement that I like to use after I set my own intentions:

This, or something better.

I’m not sure of the origin of that phrase, though I have seen it used by authors Shakti Gawain and Lisa Lister. (Am happy to give credit where credit is due, so let me know if you are familiar with this statement.)

And if you’d like to connect with the energy of this New Moon and solar eclipse, here is a tarot spread to work with:

1. What doorway is opening for me at this time?
2. What must change in order for me to step through it?
3. What must I trust within myself in order to activate this power?
4. What change must occur within my life so that I can grow?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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