Welcoming the New Moon in Scorpio

“This month we enter the labor that will birth our own transformation and change. And just as in actual childbirth, once the process begins, there is no going back.

“The pressure we feel is that of being in a container that has grown too small. It is time to face the unknown, our own fears and resistance, and move ourselves to the next level.

“Everything this month will be pressurized. You will feel pressure from the outside as well as pressure from the inside…”

When I read this message from Lena Stevens of the PowerPath.com, I had to share it as it’s only too fitting as we enter the New Moon in Scorpio on Tuesday, November 11.

Scorpio is fixed – unmoving – in its need for constant change and renewal. If it is not given time to reflect, to go inward, or if for some reason the hesitation to do so is too strong, it flails. It digs its heels into wherever it is and chooses to stay stuck despite being built for change.

But when you think about it, we are all built for change, regardless of our signs or what we might think of our own personalities. Humans are made to adapt. The world around us is in constant flux.

Everything changes. It’s hard to imagine it now, but companies like Apple and Facebook will cease to exist one day. They are living, breathing entities like anything else and their lives have an expiry date. We just don’t know what they are.

Politics change, too. People’s rights change. Fashion statements that people say will “never go out of style” always do.

When I think of Scorpio’s reluctance to change, I get an image of someone sinking into quick sand, their arms waving for rescue. It’s not a place that person wants to be, but they seem so far in that they can’t figure a way out anymore.

This can be Scorpio’s downfall, fighting against its own nature, but this is also why it’s important to remember that sometimes the best thing you can do is to simply surrender to change, even if you don’t know where it’s taking you yet. Because it’s in everyone’s nature to change direction.

And sometimes the uncertainty is better than being your own sinking ship.

This year has been an intense one for many people I’ve connected with in recent months. Big changes are happening. Some are on the outside – jobs, homes, relationships, education – and some are on the inside – mindsets, attitudes, belief systems perceptions.

Often, it’s hard to make an outward change without acknowledging an inward shift as well. It still requires us to say goodbye to something: A way of being, a part of our identity, a sense of stability, a presence in our life.

But growth is not easy,” Stevens continues. “There are growing pains; there is irritation, fear of change, sometimes blame, lots of doubt and always some resistance.”

Indeed. This is a reminder of what it means to be moving into the late Fall season. We are still in harvest time, and what we’ve sown this year is not up for evaluation. Have we grown the right crops? Have we put our energy and attention into the right places?

Did we plant seeds that didn’t grow the way we had hoped?

Listen to the direction you’re being given now. What are you being led to do? Where are you needing to pause and wait? What is your heart begging for more of?

These are all cues to follow, though we often fight them. Our thoughts have questions that we can’t always answer:

What if I put my all into this and it doesn’t work out?

Why am I doing this when I don’t even know where I’m going to end up in the end?

What if I end up disappointed (again) after doing what makes me happy?

What if I am wrong?

Tuesday’s New Moon in Scorpio is here to help lighten up those thoughts, encouraging us to put any negative thoughts or doubts into a more positive light. Where are the possibilities that lie within the changes we’ve made this year?

Nothing is over, only in transition, and even our most difficult challenges are ripe with answers about how to move ahead.

Like every New Moon, new opportunities begin to open up as well, and this week brings a new cycle during which you can decide where you might need to set a new intention for yourself or take initiative on a new project or way of living.

Remember that the theme with this New Moon is transformation, and Scorpio brings a boost in the ability to shift our energies and correct course wherever might be necessary.

And if you find yourself fighting change, or feeling fearful of where it’s taking you, remember that while change is necessary, it isn’t always easy.

There are days when you might feel full of optimism, and others when you question everything you’re doing. But that’s when it’s important to go inward again and listen to the direction you’re being steered towards.

Go with what you’re feeling compelled to do. Go with what’s pulling at you, and stay focused on what you’ve sown in this year’s harvest.

Remember that you control which seeds are planted, and it’s your decision on whether you want to repeat yourself with next year’s crops or take a chance on something entirely new and see what grows from there.

If you have your own tarot deck and want to pull a few cards for assistance with the New Moon in Scorpio, here is an easy spread I’ve put together for you to try:

Card #1: What intention can I set for myself during this New Moon? (Or: What support can I draw from to help with my intention during this New Moon?)
Card #2: Where do I need to change direction?
Card #3: Where do I need to place my trust?
Card #4: What is Scorpio’s message for me overall?

And if you would like to share your experiences with this spread, I would love to hear from you! lizworth@gmail.com


Toronto Workshop: Make Your Own Energy Oracle Card, November 24, 2015

What kind of energy do you want to carry around in your pocket at all times?

I’m really excited to be hosting a two-hour workshop at WonderWorks in Toronto this month where I’ll be showing you how to make your own energy oracle card.

It’s going to be a fun, supportive, enlightening environment. I’ll be leading it with a guided meditation and will also help you with writing your own energy mantra for your oracle card.

Materials will be provided, though you are welcome to bring your own paints, magazines for collage, or anything else you want to create with.

Spaces are limited but you can pre-register with me here to reserve your spot.

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