Welcoming the New Moon in Taurus, a time of magic and manifestation

Nine of CupsThe New Moon in Taurus arrives this Wednesday, April 26. This is always one of my favourite moons to work with because so much can be accomplished with Taurus energy.

I’m always hesitant to use the word “manifestation” because the concept behind it has become quite overblown in recent years, but I often make an exception with the Taurus New Moon. I do feel that this is a manifestation Moon.

Taurus energy is so luxurious, so grounded, so rich that it makes this new lunar cycle feel like an open invitation. Next week, Beltane will arrive on May 1, marking the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.

This is a time when the spring energy is starting to crescendo. Beltane rituals encourage growth, and that’s what this New Moon in Taurus can do, too.

If you want to set some intentions for this New Moon, Taurus energy can help to support work that relates to money and financial stability, career, love and relationships, self-esteem, and abundance in all of its forms.

This week’s card was the Nine of Cups, which I was very excited to see. Traditionally, the Nine of Cups is considered the wish card in tarot. It heralds emotional fulfillment, happiness, and harmony within relationships.

Taurus likes to be comfortable. It needs stability and structure in order to feel successful. So this week, you might want to think about what kind of foundation you are standing on right now, and whether it needs to be strengthened in some way.

Are you growing from a stable, secure place? If so, you might be at a point where you can confidently leap to something new, trusting that you can be centred and supported throughout the process. This New Moon might be the portal to that next level.

Are you feeling like your foundation is shaky? Then you can use this time to get clear on what you need to invite into your life in order to improve your sense of security. Remember that intention-setting isn’t always about reaching for external solutions – sometimes it’s also about looking within to cultivate more strength and confidence overall.

No matter what, move forward with the belief that no matter what you need – now or in the future – you will find a way to bring it all together.

If it helps, here is a mantra that you can work with throughout the week:

I am the source of my security.

And if you would like to connect with the energy of the New Moon in Taurus, here is a tarot spread you can try at home:

1. What can I do to reach my potential throughout this new lunar cycle?
2. What step can I take to love myself more?
3. How can I create more abundance in my life?
4. What kind of foundation is it time for me to build?

And if you’d like to book a private reading with me for additional guidance throughout the spring, you can do so right here.

Until next time,

Liz xo

Card featured: Starchild Tarot

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