Welcoming the New Moon in Virgo and Saturn direct

Seven of Wands Cosmic TarotSince April 17, Saturn retrograde in Capricorn has been asking you to look at how you commit.

These past several months have brought opportunities to re-examine your sense of stability in the world. To re-direct or re-orient your time, focus, energy, and boundaries so that you can do what you came here to do.

And what is that, exactly?

What do you believe your purpose is? It can be overwhelming to think about purpose and potential as a singular focus throughout a lifetime. Rather than assuming it can only ever be one thing, I prefer to think look at how purpose relates to the here and now:

“What do I feel is my mission at this time in my life?”

The chapters you live through can all add up to one epic adventure, or a series of narratives that have you starring in different roles, or as different characters, throughout time.

Everyone’s saga is ongoing, but unique. Sometimes we reinvent ourselves every few years with new jobs, new styles, new relationships, or new places to live. Sometimes we reinvent ourselves more subtly, through new outlooks, attitudes, and perspectives.

With Saturn going direct this Thursday, September 6, the energy of the week ahead asks you to look back at the emerging themes, lessons, and commitments since April. Especially those that relate to actions or decisions you’ve taken – or still plan to take – that will help you feel more secure, stable, and focused in all that you do.

One of Capricorn’s symbols is the mountain goat, always climbing. And yet when its ruler, Saturn, is retrograde, the goat takes a pause to catch its breath, secure its footing, and to ensure it is even on the right mountain.

Like the Seven of Wands that I pulled for this week, it can be time to clear the route of any weeds or blockages that are keeping you from moving forward with the ease you desire.

And if it is in fact time for you to find a different slope to climb, trust that you have now gathered the knowledge you need to continue your ascent, no matter what direction you choose.

The Virgo New Moon arrives this Sunday, September 9 at 2:01pm EST. With Virgo’s steadfast, methodical energy, this New Moon will help you integrate the lessons that have come about since the spring.

Virgo is also the final sign of the summer season. It helps us to begin our preparations for the coming harvest of autumn. What will you reap this fall? Remember that Saturn is a taskmaster and karmic driver, and so helps us to collect any rewards we have earned.

Set your intentions with this New Moon to invite in the rewards for a labour of love, or to cleanse your calendar of any extraneous commitments that you’ve realized are only holding you back from your true raison d’être.

“I am ready to do the work of my life.”

And if you’d like to connect with the Virgo New Moon through tarot, here is a spread to help:

1. What lesson am I ready to put to use?
2. Where am I still caught in the weeds?
3. What can I focus on instead?
4. What reward can I create for myself as a result?

Until next time,

Liz xo


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