Welcoming the New Year, and the first New Moon of 2019

Ace of Pentacles Cosmic TarotHappy New Year.

We will enter 2019 with a lot of energy.

Mars enters Aries today at 9:20pm. Mars is at home in Aries. This is a driven, determined planet. It can bring on a lot of action and inspiration, though we all will have to be careful about its impulsive shadows and potential for outbursts.

Tempers can quickly flare up. It can be easy to jump to conclusions, or assume you have all the answers prematurely.

And yet if you work to harness this energy, Mars in Aries can be an amazing start to a new year.

While I believe that we can set intentions and resolutions at any time of the year, the first week of 2019 can hold particularly potency when it comes to getting clear about where you are being held back, and what you are ready to accomplish instead.

For anyone who is craving progress, creativity, or change, this can be a great week to make a fresh start.

On Friday, January 4, Mercury enters Capricorn. If you feel like the energy of Mars in Aries is too much, amping your adrenaline, scattering your ideas, and messing with your focus, just wait: Mercury in Capricorn will help to turn your thoughts into things.

What is it that you want to make happen this year?
What do you want to see become reality?
What kind of plan, map, or process do you need to work out?

The energy this week can help you bring the structure and momentum you need to start building a new foundation for what 2019 can become.

On Saturday, January 5, we welcome a solar eclipse with the New Moon in Capricorn at 8:28pm.

I love that the New Moon arrives so closely to the first day of the year, as it allows us to really align any fresh intentions with the Moon’s new cycle.

This New Moon also helps us begin a new story, as it’s part of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse series we’ll be moving through this year. The ways we work and what we prioritize within our personal lives will be up for re-evaluation.

I pulled the Ace of Pentacles this week, a perfect card for this lunation, and for the week overall. As we are in Capricorn season, it is a time to focus on stability, success, prosperity, and growth.

The Ace of Pentacles supports new career paths, new relationships with money and finances, and new routines. It’s all of the day-to-day work that makes us feel like we are making progress, and it reminds us that whichever new path we wish to take begins with small steps.

If you would like to connect with the energy of this New Moon, here is a tarot spread to help:

1. What new seed can I plant this year?
2. What is ready to grow for me this year?
3. What small step can I take with this New Moon?
4. What can stabilize for me this year?

Whatever you walking towards this year, I hope you are able to find some time for yourself in the days ahead to connect with your intentions.

I also want to let you know how much I appreciate you reading these words. Another year has come and gone and I feel so grateful to have been able to share these weekly thoughts with you.

Thank you for being here. Happy New Year! Talk to you in 2019.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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