Welcoming the Scorpio Full Moon and Pluto retrograde

High Priestess StarchildLast week, the Sun slipped into Taurus and Saturn retrograde began.

Both Pluto and Saturn are in Capricorn right now, a sign that concerns itself with work, ambition, organization, power, and efficiency.

Capricorn likes to climb to the top of the mountain and then ask, “What can I climb next?” It pushes itself to new heights and achievements.

Money, power, and authority can all come up for re-evaluation now. Last week, I talked about letting Saturn show you where you might have more responsibility coming your way. Or where there may still be work to do within a specific area of your life.

With Pluto retrograde, we can become aware of power dynamics or power struggles that might be keeping us from moving forward. Capricorn is process-driven, but Pluto transforms whatever it touches.

You might be realizing that some of the things you’ve been taught don’t reflect your truth. Or that day-to-day routines or structures within your work or relationships are feeling old and tired.

Ideologies can come into question. Old beliefs around success, money, and work might need to be shifted.

But on a more personal level, a lot of inner work can be accomplished in the months to come, too.

With the Scorpio Full Moon arriving this Sunday, April 29, we all have the opportunity to pay attention to any past traumas, secrets, or memories that may surface. Full moons bring us to realizations.

Scorpio is deep, reflective, and often introverted, and so this is an opportunity to allow any forgotten or neglected aspects of yourself to come to the surface. These things may be part of the bigger picture about what Pluto and Saturn want you to transform in the months to come.

Sometimes, we become aware that we have given some of our power away within a relationship, or a job.

Or we become aware that a false narrative was imposed upon us, giving us skewed or inaccurate impressions of who we really are.

Or we can see past a belief that we have been conditioned to accept and suddenly realize that there are questions that can lead us down entirely new paths. Ones that we haven’t even considered before.

Scorpio’s Full Moon invites you to set an intention to reclaim your power. To call back any aspects of yourself that have been lost to someone else’s ideals, opinions, or agenda.

Imagine yourself falling back into place. Imagine meeting yourself again, as though it’s for the first time.

The High Priestess showed up for this week’s forecast. This card feels so strong here. It is a symbol of intuition, of finding your way back to yourself in order to get the answers you need.

If it helps, here is a mantra for the week ahead:

“I am calling myself back home.”

And of course, if you want to work with tarot to connect with this Full Moon, here is a spread to try out:

1. Where have I compromised my power?
2. What step can I take to call it back? 
3. What belief is no longer serving me?
4. What does my intuition want me to honour instead?
Until next time,

Liz xo

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