Welcoming the Scorpio New Moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius

The Star Cosmic TarotWhat dream have you been cradling for this past year?

Where have your intentions shifted throughout these last twelve months?

Where have your illusions of the world started to fade?

What new truths are you moving forward with now?

As we start a new week, you may be asking yourself questions similar to these.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, the planet that opens doors and pathways, has spent the last year in Scorpio. Scorpio’s lair is a place of shadow and mystery, secrets and depth.

Throughout this time, we have seen assumptions and judgements around sexuality and gender being called out – and necessarily so. We have seen shame being challenged, and abuses of power being not only questioned, but brought into public light.

This is the power of Jupiter in Scorpio – an exploration into things that were once hidden and are now being opened wide.

And this is just one facet of Jupiter in Scorpio, and just one influence our universe has us under at the moment.

Jupiter in Scorpio has also helped many of us to excavate our own mysteries. It has been a powerful year for intuitive exploration. There has been an unmistakable trend towards tarot, astrology, witchcraft, and other spiritual and divinatory practices, not just throughout this last year, but several now.

Jupiter in Scorpio, however, has helped to open the way even further within that realm. Scorpio doesn’t shy away from the esoteric as these are all paths to personal power, something that this energy constantly seeks.

And so when I ask the questions above, I do so out of reflection on some of the transformational energy that Jupiter in Scorpio has offered throughout this past year.

Perhaps you tapped into a hidden talent, or reconnected with an old dream you thought you’d lost.

Perhaps you took a brave step towards your own healing. Or made amends with the past. Or confronted something that you could no longer stay silent about.

Perhaps you got closer to your truth, closer to the intentions you want to be living out on a daily basis.

Perhaps your intuition tapped you on the shoulder one day and told you to wake up to a new reality.

Maybe you experienced something entirely different, but no less significant. It has been a heavy year in many ways, and it’s time now to take whatever you are nurturing, or nursing, and give it any affection or tenderness that is required.

The Scorpio New Moon arrives this Wednesday, November 7, marking the middle of the week as a time to give yourself the gift of healing.

Maybe you are seeking peace. Or forgiveness. Or recommitment to who you are.

Maybe you are ready to shed something from the past.

Whatever you are inviting in right now, think of this New Moon as one of rebirth. It is a time to rise into something new. It is a time to leave an old story behind, if you feel it’s necessary to do so.
On Thursday, November 8, Jupiter ends its transit through Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. This may feel like a page is turning. The energy will shift.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius. It is returning home to the fiery sign of the centaur, where magic and myth occur. It is taking reprieve from the intensity of Scorpio’s underworld and travelling through Sagittarius’ jovial territory.

If Scorpio is associated with the sign of phoenix, which always rises from the ashes, then this is the phoenix in flight. Bright, warm, and ready for anything.

The Star is the card that was pulled for the week ahead, aligning perfectly with this shifting energy.

The Star is the card that follows the Tower. It arrives after the walls have come down and we have been left feeling vulnerable, changed, or unsettled.

For this reason, the Star, to me, is always a sign of hope. It is a card that gives us breathing room – or, that is akin to the sigh of relief that comes the moment we realize we can rest.

Or relax. Or look forward to something new, different, and better than before.

So as you set your intentions this week, ask yourself what you would like to look forward to next – and what you would like to put your trust in for these next twelve months.

If it helps, here is an intention you can use in the days ahead:

I invite any blocks or barriers to lift so that ease can enter my heart.

And if you would like to use tarot to connect with the energies of this Scorpio New Moon, here is a tarot spread to help:

Card #1: What can I let go of now? 
Card #2: What can I heal now?
Card #3: What can I commit to now?
Card #4: What can I become now?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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