Welcoming the second Libra Full Moon of 2019 and more

The Lovers Cosmic TarotWe’re in the final week of Aries season: On Saturday, April 20, the Sun enters the earthy realm of Taurus.

But don’t expect the fire to be extinguished so easily.

This Wednesday, April 17, Mercury enters Aries. A few days later, on April 20 – the same day Taurus season starts – Venus enters Aries, too.

We can make some interesting things happen with these energies.

Mercury represents our thoughts and communication, and Aries helps us to express, individualize, act, initiate, lead and pioneer. With Mercury in Aries until May 6, we have a few weeks of get-it-done-power.

With Venus entering Aries on April 20, the planet of art and beauty takes on a no-holds-barred attitude.

What does this all mean? That if you’ve been wanting to make a statement, or have been waiting for some inspiration or energy to brainstorm a new initiative or project – especially one that might push you out of your comfort zone – these next few weeks can really help.

Aries energy doesn’t mind being rebellious. It doesn’t shy away from grabbing hold of a vision and running with it. Its job is to act upon its ideas – it likes to adopt new missions so that it has a direction to follow.

If you set any intentions with the Aries New Moon back on April 5, Mercury and Venus’s visits through Aries can also be helpful times to support those plans or goals. Tap into the momentum that this time offers.

But, be mindful of the flipside of all this fiery energy. Tempers can flare with personal planets like Mercury and Venus in fire, and impatience can ramp up, too.

Remember that that includes the impatience we may have with ourselves, not just what’s expressed from or towards others.

Aries wants everything done today and doesn’t always have a great sense of its own limitations, so the expectations that we place upon our own capacity can get maxed out fast if we’re not careful. The Sun’s entry into Taurus on April 20 can help to balance burn out and put some realistic expectations around any important plans.

Aries season is bookended by two Libra full moons; the first was on the Spring Equinox on March 20 and the second is this Friday, April 19.

The universe is asking us to take an extra-long look at our partnerships, agreements, and social contracts. With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in independent Aries, and Jupiter retrograde in fiery Sagittarius, the need for individuality and personal development can be strong these days.

If you are in relationship – whether it be personal, professional, social or romantic – with anyone who is stifling your ability to explore new ideas or interests, this week’s Full Moon might highlight those sources of discomfort.

Friday’s Moon makes an opposition to change-making Uranus, which is in Taurus right now, the sign that shares Libra’s ruler, Venus. Similarly, the Lovers card showed up for this week’s forecast, underlining the themes of partnerships vs. individuation.

You might be waking up to new ways in which you want to express yourself to your friends or families, or redefining what partnerships mean to you. This Full Moon can also bring a push and pull between intimacy and independence, and growth and stagnation.

Be careful not to act out of haste with those who are close to you this week. Remember the energies right now err towards impatience, and the lessons this Full Moon stirs up may feel more pressurized at first than they actually are.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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