Welcoming Venus in Scorpio and the Aries Full Moon

The story playing out in the skies this week encourages you to focus on personal transformation.

Where do you need to learn to surrender, give up, or give in?

Look at where you fight to maintain control over so many details that you are diluting your energy and essence.

Look at where you can give yourself the opportunity to let go of something that whittles away your spirit.

Look at whether your life feels so compartmentalized that you can never go too deeply in any one direction, or whether you feel particularly disconnected from your passions.

When you are trying to do so much that it removes you from the pursuits you believe you have been put on this earth to do? The things your mind aches for, the things that hurt your heart to set aside for too long…

Why is it that we push aside our favourite things so often? The time to create, dream, read, wander, talk, laugh, connect…

This week peeks into the places where those tensions sit. There may be moments this week where you feel swept up in one too many commitments.

Pay attention to the moments you catch yourself thinking, “This isn’t what I planned for myself today.”

Of course, there can always be something we must show up for: The ailing family member, the friend who’s going through a rough time. It’s not about shirking the responsibilities you have, but rather scrutinizing the ones you don’t need to give as much weight to.

While this weekend’s Aries Full Moon might be particularly strong for those who are feeling totally overextended, the purpose behind its energy is to teach you how to prioritize your time and focus in a way that allows you to show up for those you love while also showing up for yourself.

It’s in the extra stuff – the fluff, the distractions, the pressure to do it all and be it all or have it all – that this week’s energies are pointing their fingers at.

It’s about editing out those little things that feel so important to cross of the to-do list that might not even need to be on your calendar at all. It’s about alleviating some of the pressure that sits between you and your passion projects.

It’s also about looking at whether you’ve gotten to a point where you are helping others more than you are helping yourself. Those strains can come up at work, or through personal relationships that could use a bit of a change in dynamics and expectations.

Mercury entered Scorpio last week, on Thursday, October 3.

On Tuesday, October 8, Venus enters Scorpio. Together, these two planets will give you strength to get closer to the truth of what you really desire in your life, and to begin voicing your needs and priorities.

When we push aside our own needs and desires, when we pretend it’s okay to put off our dreams for another day, we create illusions for ourselves and those close to us.

Because deep down, you know you’re not okay with procrastinating your personal path in this life.

This Sunday’s Aries Full Moon arrives at 5:08 pm EST, highlighting the necessity for each of us as humans to have a sense of closeness within our communities while also maintaining our individual freedom.

As we are reminded in the Three of Swords, it’s important to address the things that you need to heal within yourself in order to feel whole.

Sometimes, that healing begins with making more space for the things that make you happy.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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