Welcoming Virgo season and the Pisces Full Moon

Eight of Cups Cosmic TarotI wasn’t at all surprised to see the Eight of Cups show up for this week’s message.

This is a card of transition and moving forward.

Of looking at what was, and what no longer remains. In more traditional tarot decks, this is the card that features someone making a nighttime journey – a rite of passage that may be difficult, but necessary.

What rite of passage have you been initiated into this summer?

That’s a question to meditate upon as the days unfold this week.

We are saying goodbye to Leo season. The fun, fiery, fast-moving days where the lion rules are winding down. This Thursday, August 23, the Sun enters earthy Virgo.

Some people will welcome the slower energy that Virgo offers. Leo can keep us on the go, making more plans that we might normally keep, trying to maximize each moment as best as possible.

We need earth to follow fire because it helps to ground our energy a little. Too much fire leads to burn out. The element of earth – particularly in the sign of Virgo – reminds us to take care.

This may be a message that feels especially important at this time after all that’s been stirred up with the recent eclipses.

Even if you have been feeling a change in the wind, but are unsure of exactly what it all means, it never hurts to listen to Virgo’s calming tones and make a little more space for yourself this week.

My experience with Virgo is that it doesn’t always give you what you want so much as what you need.

If you have been operating at full-speed all summer, Virgo might settle things down a bit. On the other hand, if you have been putting off what really matters most to you, Virgo might put you to work instead.

This is a season of working out the details, and getting ourselves in order for the coming fall season.

How can you cultivate your harvest this autumn if you are rundown or falling behind?

Trust Virgo to help with the process, whether it’s something you’ve initiated through eclipse season or not.

On Sunday, August 26, we welcome the Pisces Full Moon at 7:56 am EST, another energy that can underpin the idea of a rite of passage.

Many people talk about the intensity they feel in the days leading up to a Full Moon. Some say they have trouble sleeping (I’m in that camp for sure). Others feel a sense of unease, but can’t quite figure out why.

Pisces is always an intense energy. It is a water sign, and the last of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Its job is to transcend to the divine.

The Full Moon in Pisces can ask you what you are ready to surrender to a higher power. This can be a time to look at what has surfaced for you over the summer in terms of what you want to change, or what you are growing out of.

This is the time to look at what your rite of passage may be and offer the old ways the Moon. Allow this culmination point to witness your transformation, whatever it may be, trusting that this is your moment to climb higher.

And if you don’t feel you have anything to surrender right now, that’s okay. Use this Full Moon as a time to listen.

Intuition and insight can run high at this time.

If you connected with the Pisces New Moon six months ago, look back to any intentions or themes that emerged for you on March 17 to see what has transpired since then.

If it helps, here is an intention you can use in the days ahead:

I trust in the path that unfolds before me.

And if you’d like to connect with the Pisces Full Moon through tarot, here is a spread to try out at home:

1. What is awakening within me?
2. What is my higher self asking of me at this time?
3. How must I honour my spiritual path?
4. How can I strengthen my intuition?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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