What is the point of reading tarot?

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Whenever I explain to someone that I believe the future is yet to be created, a question predictably follows:

“Then what’s the point of reading tarot?”

I get where the question is coming from: So many people assume tarot is all about future-telling.

So explain that I read tarot because the cards are a tapestry of possibility. A reading gives you the chance to draw a map of your potential.

I read tarot because it lays out the ideas, thoughts, and feelings that are bouncing around within your head and heart and allows you to get a clearer perspective on what it all means.

I read tarot because it’s an opportunity to sit down with yourself and ask, “What do I really want to make happen right now?”

I read tarot because it gives you the freedom to be yourself by validating your feelings, instincts, and ideas.

There’s a reason why I don’t believe that the future is neatly mapped out for you: If it was, why would you need to make any decisions at all?

Why would you ever bother to learn to trust your intuition if life was doing the thinking on your behalf?

And what would be the point of prayer, magic, or intention-setting if you really had no choice in which direction you’re taking?

The problem with assuming that a tarot reading only serves to see the future is that it causes people to forget that they have influence over their own lives.

The practice of reading gives you time away from the rest of the world. It keeps you from getting caught up in all the questions about what can or will or should happen and gets you into the here and now:

What do you want?
What do you need?
What do you believe is possible?

It brings you back to the fact that you need to be as much an influence and catalyst in your own life as anything, or anyone, else.

That’s the point of reading tarot.

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Until next time,

Liz xo

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