What Mercury retrograde can teach you about self-care

From the Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche.

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of conversations about the importance of “filling your own cup.”

Are you familiar with this phrase?

It means to renew your energy levels. To notice where you have become depleted. To notice where you need to rest.

Water is essential to life. In tarot, it is symbolized by the suit of Cups, where we see themes of emotions, fulfillment, love, joy, intuition and your inner child.

Water is required for survival, physically and symbolically. You know you shouldn’t ignore your thirst on a hot day.

Yet how often do you hear your intuition telling you that you’ve taken on too much, but you keep going anyway?

How often do you put off simple joys or great hobbies because they are inconvenient?

Is life about a binary experience, where you have to choose either / or, pitting practicalities against fulfilling desires?

Maybe you:

  • Say yes when you should say no.
  • Force yourself to go out when you really need a night in.
  • Scroll through your email before bed even though you’re dead tired and mentally burned out.

There are so many ways your cup can run dry. Sometimes, it’s not only because of how much you’re giving or doing, but because of what you’re ignoring within yourself.

When I am reading tarot for someone who tells me they feel tired, stuck, and uninspired, the conversation inevitably turns to what they would rather be doing with their time.

I hear things like:

More writing.

More reading.

More time outside.

More time with friends.

More time for art.

More time for hobbies.

More time to do nothing at all.

You don’t have to be going the extra mile for your cup to run empty: Sometimes, it runs dry because you are not living the life you desire.

When you don’t make time for the little things that light you up, or when you put aside the interests that you make you you, you end up feeling lackluster, bored, or disengaged with your everyday reality.

“What does this have to do with Mercury retrograde?” You may be wondering.

Mercury has been retrograde in Pisces since February 16 and will station direct on Monday, March 9. This week, the messenger planet slips into Aquarius.

With Mercury charting through vast, Piscean waters and then coming up for air in Aquarius, there’s an emphasis on going deep within yourself to look at where you need to fill your own cup.

Retrograde periods emphasize a slower pace. Reflection and renewal, patience and flexibility are all key right now. Especially with Mercury’s emphasis on mental activity.

Once Mercury slips into Aquarius, it’s an opportunity to look at how busy your mind has become. We are all inundating ourselves with a barrage of glowing screens, scrolling timelines and more information in a day than is necessary.

How full is your head, and what personal priorities are getting forgotten or pushed out to make space for all the distraction that technology creates?

Mercury retrograde can help you if you are ready to work with it.

This week, allow yourself to tune into what it is you’re thirsting for. Reflect back on themes, frustrations, or realizations that have surfaced since February 16 and see what the greater lesson there may be.

It’s not always to take the time to fill your own cup, especially if your default mode is to keep soldiering on no matter what. If you need help replenishing your inner resources, I can take you through a deeper dive here.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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