What you need to know about the end of the Venus retrograde

Venus has been retrograde for the past six weeks, and this Sunday, September 6, she starts moving forward once again.

Overall, the end of a retrograde cycle tends to bring with it a sense of relief. Retrogrades have a tendency to make us review, re-evaluate, re-establish, and re-direct our energy and attention. Which is why they have a tendency to come with a bit of a reputation.

It’s not that retrogrades are bad – just as there are no bad tarot cards, there are no bad astrological alignments. They all serve a purpose in our lives, though some are more challenging than others. But challenges are a part of life, and so retrogrades are just another part of the ebbs and flows we must all experience.

And it can be uncomfortable when we are forced to admit that something isn’t working for us anymore, or when we are made to examine a part of ourselves that we know we can’t ignore any longer.

Throughout the past six weeks, Venus has been asking us to reflect on our values, our relationships, and the priorities we’ve chosen.

What came up for you during this time? Did you find yourself feeling constrained by certain commitments or obligations that might have made sense to you at one time, but now feel like they don’t fit you anymore?

Did you find yourself having serious talks with your significant other about your future together – perhaps about making a deeper commitment? Or maybe you found things went in another direction, and you both realized you need to work through some issues that have been on the backburner for far too long.

Over the next few days, try to take note over the thoughts, feelings, and discussions you encountered. Were there any breakthroughs or moments of clarity? What memories keep calling you back?

Take note of what feels significant; these moments are seeds that will help to define and realign your identity and how you relate to others throughout the next 18 months. With the Sun in Virgo until September 22, the end of the Venus retrograde leaves us at an ideal time to start to prioritize the things that we know we deserve.

And if you don’t believe that you are worthy of your highest wishes, now is the time to start asking yourself why you’ve come to feel this way and how you can shift your perspective.

The answers might not be immediately evident. (Wouldn’t it be so easy if they were, though?) But all you need to do ask. Just whisper it to yourself as you’re getting ready in the morning, or before you go to bed: “What can I do to get what I deserve?”

Trust that the universe is waiting to help you, and that the answer you need is out there. You don’t need to justify why you want what you want, or question whether you are worthy. Just put it out there and see what happens.

Back in the spring, I started working with the Nature-Speak Oracle deck by Shamanic practitioner Ted Andrews. It’s a deck that uses images from nature and incorporates the messages that exist within our natural world.
ElmI usually pull one of these cards every day or two for personal guidance. Out of the 60 cards in the deck, I have pulled the same six cards over and over again, particularly the card of Elm, whose message is “trust your intuition.” This is despite all of my shuffling.

Today, I wanted to consult these cards for this post, so I asked “what message can I share with my readers that will help them as Venus turns direct.”

Well, I couldn’t believe it, but which card was drawn? Elm – trust your intuition. But it’s a fitting message at this time.

For the past six weeks, Venus has had us looking inward, helping us to refine who we are and how we are living according to our own values and standards.

And now, as she moves direct, it’s time to let all of that introspection turn to action. And the best way to begin with that is to trust our intuition to guide us towards what’s right for us.

And if you feel in need of some additional guidance at this time, remember that I am always available to help out with a tarot reading.


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