When life feels scary

There is a lot to talk about with the astrology of 2020.

Just this past weekend we experienced a full moon and lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10, an event that gets connected to endings, changes and closing chapters.

And then on Sunday, January 12 came the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. These two planets meet up once every 36 years or so; the last time they were conjunct was in the sign of Libra in 1982.

Saturn represents structure, authority and boundaries. Pluto is death, rebirth, and transformation. Power dynamics are due for change. A new era is about to begin.

We can easily look to current events to see where significant changes are already taking place. Already 2020’s headlines are eerie and worrisome.

And yet there’s also a strong thread of hope weaving its way through the world. I have heard so many people say that they are welcoming the changes that 2020 may bring and I, too, believe that life is never just one thing at a time.

There is always good in the world, and always something to look forward.

Yet I’m not writing this week to address global issues or posit on any news stories. It’s really not my angle to tackle perspectives at such a large scale. Because my work is so focused on personal, one-on-one conversations, my concerns are much more rooted in personal feelings and intentions.

“Change or be changed” is a common idea connected to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that just occurred.

And while this certainly seems applicable to the world at large and the structures of our societies that are programmed to rely on 24/7 consumption and earth-depleting behaviours, it’s easy – so easy – to hear predictions and speculations about this year’s astrology and worry about how it will affect you.

When you hear that an eclipse will end something, or that change is inevitable once a certain transit takes place, it’s easy to start to fear that something drastic will happen. Like a significant loss or setback.

I grew up in a way that caused me to believe that nothing good would ever happen for me. For much of my childhood, everything that I thought was safe or happy or loving would turn out tarnished, or false, or different from what I trusted in.

As I got older, I noticed that I was always on edge. I always believed that the rug would be pulled out from under me at any moment.

It took me years of working on myself to rebuild a sense of trust in my life – and in the universe. I had to learn the true meaning of faith, and the importance of having faith in myself above all else.

And yet remnants of the past still linger. Every once in a while, I worry: “What if everything comes crashing down? What if I don’t see it coming?”

I have heard these same fears from people when there is an astrological event being widely discussed as game-changing or transformative.

“Change must be bad, right?”

Not necessarily. And also, the changes that take place are not always surprises. Nor are the endings that arise.

Which is why awareness is so important. If you’re aware of what’s happening in your life, and paying attention to what you can see needs to change, or is already changing, then you can begin working in alignment with astrology.

You might notice, for example, that a process reaches a conclusion around a full moon – a natural culmination point.

Or that you have a realization, an idea, or a calling show up for you around a significant astrological event.

Sometimes you can read an inspiring book that changes your perspective on something. Or you find yourself signing up for a course that takes your career to another level.

Or you meet a new friend, or have a meaningful conversation with someone that deepens an existing relationship.

Sometimes, if a change does occur, it can come in the form of wonderful news. Or help you untangle yourself from a situation you’ve been trying to exit for a while already.

The ways astrological events play out in our lives can be quite simple sometimes. They are not always dire or dramatic. And at times they really do play out more on the big stage at a societal level first and foremost.  

And of course, self-faith matters, too: To vow that you will figure things out, no matter what happens, is one of the most important promises you can make to yourself.

So this week’s message goes out to anyone who needs a bit of reassurance. The world may be facing some big shifts right now, but there’s always opportunity to deepen your faith in who you are, and in the direction you need to be focusing on.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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