Which questions really matter most right now?

What is the point of divination right now?

What’s the point of reading horoscopes, pulling tarot cards, or trying to move forward when everything feels like it’s on hold?

Lately, I’ve had a lot of questions from people out there in regards to whether tarot serves any purpose in times like this.

To cut to the chase, I will say that tarot absolutely certainly serves a purpose right now. The issue isn’t with tarot, or any form of divination. It instead comes down to what you believe or assume about intuitive arts.

When some like tarot is used solely for fortune-telling, or future-telling, it becomes limited quite quickly. Predictions are like weather forecasts: They report on potential, and are based on interpretations. They are not guarantees.

Predictions also need to be done carefully, depending on the situation. First, your own autonomy needs to be taken into account: You can change your mind, take a detour, or act upon an unforeseen impulse.

As can the people around you. If you work for a company and 50 people run it, for example, you need to take into account that each of them will bring their biases, agendas, and moods into any decision that is being made at the top that can affect you at work.

Which is why, in my tarot practice, I discourage people from using tarot for purely predictive purposes. And from assuming that predictions are the only purpose for tarot.

Instead, I encourage clients to come with questions for their readings – questions that are intentional, and that reflect goals, ideas, struggles, blocks, or decisions they are trying to work through. Or that they hope to resolve in the next little while.

The best questions for tarot are the ones that come from the heart.

Why? Because you know your life best. I have often said that I’m not here to talk at you, or to tell you stories about the life you are living.

Sometimes, it takes a bit of warming up to really think about what you want to know, or what you need to work through.

But once you’re clear on your question – whether it’s a question to help you find focus in your everyday life, or to break a habit – the cards can get to work on reflecting what’s under the surface of those blocks, or can show you practical steps to take to help achieve a goal.

My job is to help translate tarot’s messages for you, and to work with you to create a plan that helps you feel clearer in moving forward. Or to have a conversation that helps to validate something that you’ve been struggling to articulate for yourself.

I’m here to help you feel more connected to your path, or to guide you in decisions when you don’t feel you can trust yourself in that moment. I’m here to help you see more of what’s possible.

My work is not about entertaining anyone with predictions of what’s to come. It is reflective of my worldview, which is that we are not passive observers in this universe, but active participants.

My expectation for every reading I do is that it will be a discussion about shaping your own reality. I want to hear what matters to you in your life:

Where is the pain point?
Where is there a rut?
What is it that you want to do differently?

Sometimes, you may not have any questions at all. Things can be humming along just fine and there’s no need to check-in, or to make a change. That’s okay: Tarot will be waiting for you when you need it.

But when you are asking questions of the tarot, or astrology, or any other intuitive vehicle, we must always remember that the reading will reflect the collective macrocosm as much as your personal microcosm.

With the current state of the world, I am finding I have even less capacity for “general” readings. To ask, “What’s coming up for me in work? In love? In general?” when you’re at home, under lockdown, and the world has come to a halt doesn’t give me much to flow with.

When tarot is used for fun, curiosity, or entertainment, it’s easy to forget about its connection to the macrocosm – and our connection to the macrocosm. It’s fun to hear about yourself, but it can also keep us disconnected from our actions and our impact overall.

Some of the questions that we are used to exploring in tarot may not feel as appropriate, or relevant right now.

It doesn’t mean that tarot has no relevancy, though: Quite the opposite. Tarot can be used to guide you through these uncertain times in many ways.

Questions that put you in the present, and that put you back in touch with what you have power over, rather than what you don’t, are most effective in times like these.

Questions about factors that can’t be controlled, such as, “When will things go back to normal?” or, “When will I be able to move forward with my job search?” may be too dependent on the macrocosm to determine right now.

Whether you use tarot or not, there are so many questions that can be explored right now to help you come into the moment, such as:

How can I take care of myself when my routine is thrown off?

What should I be focusing on right now?

How can I deepen my relationship to myself at this time?

How can I keep my relationships strong, even if they are at a distance?

While I don’t think it’s necessary to be pressuring ourselves to be productive or hyper-goal oriented right now, you may be inspired to use this time to pivot in a new direction or to make a change you’ve been putting off.

If that’s the case, explore questions around what that can look like:

What are the first steps I need to take?

What changes will I need to adapt to if I choose a new path?

What skills or attitudes do I already possess that will support this new direction?

Mapping a self-care plan, staying grounded, or exploring questions about changes you want to make to your life can all be very powerful right now. If you want some guidance right now, I can help.

I think many of us are being given an opportunity to reflect and pivot where we need to, internally and externally. Tarot can support that and so much more.

Take care.

Until next time,

Liz xo