Whose life are you really living?

Have you ever wondered where your perceptions, assumptions, and beliefs come from?

In a world as complex and multi-faceted as ours, there are so many factors that can influence the way you think, and the beliefs you hold about yourself.

It wasn’t until I got to college that I learned about conditioning and socialization, and the ways culture affects your sense of self.

What becomes socially acceptable, expected, and assumed can be overt or subliminal. The attitudes you’re subjected to throughout your life can end up shaping your opinions and ideas without you even knowing it.

When I first learned of the ways conditioning can manifest within my psyche, I started to wonder:

“Whose life am I really living?”

I began to look at all of the beliefs I held about myself, and about other people. I looked at the expectations and opinions I had and started to wonder where these thoughts all came from.

How did I come to make them mine, and why? And did they actually align with the outlook I wanted to have of the world, or was I talking someone else’s talk?

This isn’t work that can done in a week, or a month, or a year. It is ongoing, because there are so many layers that can be pulled back. It requires a willingness to take a deep look within, and to examine beliefs that you never consented to in the first place.

I have found so many things within myself that seeped their way into my heart and lodged themselves there, becoming so well-disguised I thought they were a part of me when really, they came from mass media and popular culture, pressures to conform and things I was told when I was still too young to know any better.

It is an ongoing practice for me to chisel away at any influences that distort my relationship with myself. I want to reclaim all of who I am, all the parts of myself I still haven’t had a chance to get to know because I was told to hide, keep quiet, or stay small.

Reading tarot is one way to recover your true sense of self and begin the process of self-liberation. A tarot reading can become a re-set button that helps you to name and identify the outside influences that have blocked your from knowing who you really are – and that prevent you from grasping onto life’s possibilities.

It can show you how your body is holding onto energies of the past, what is blocking your voice from being fully expressed, and what you can do to become more authentically aligned with your soul’s purpose.

What kinds of old stories, ideas, or emotional wounds are still trailing behind you? How are they holding you back from your self-expression and self-acceptance?

What would happen if you took power over these experiences and started to untangle yourself from them?

Tarot shows you what needs to be mended and let go of. You can use it to take control over something that once disempowered you, like a societal issue, or a personal one, like a complicated family upbringing.

From there, your process of self-recovery and reclamation begins. You start to separate from unhealthy or unhelpful influences and get back to your true nature. What will happen when you hit your re-set button?

If you’re ready to find out, I invite you to join me in Tarot for Self-Recovery and Reclamation, a seven-week online course designed to teach you how to use tarot to discover your true self.

Class begins in just 10 days. Learn more and register here.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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