Why creative coaching might be right for you

Fall is just around the corner, and you’ve likely already noticed that there are tons of new books about to hit store shelves. New albums are about to drop. Tour dates are being announced.

It seems like the creative community comes alive in the Fall – it’s harvest season and everyone is showing off their goods.

Except you’re left wondering when it’s going to be your turn. You hope that, one day, you’re the one hosting the launch party, or the gallery opening. You hope that it’s your name on that tour poster.

Or maybe you don’t need to see your name in lights so much as just experiencing the feeling of completing a creative project that you’ve always dreamed of getting out into the world.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

– You know what you want to do, but don’t know how to start.
– You know you want to do something creative – write a book, start a band, produce a play – but you’re not exactly sure you have the right idea yet. Or even any idea.
– You’ve always envisioned yourself as a creative individual, but still feel like you’ve yet to tap into your true creative potential.
– You already feel stretched enough with responsibilities, maybe working full-time, juggling a family, working out, going out, and taking care of all that’s important to you.

You probably don’t need to find your passion: you already know what it is, but you need a little help in grabbing a hold of it. And having a creative mentor who can help you get clear about your goals, and hold you accountable to your vision, might be the push you need to really get started.

I combine Tarot and creative mentorship to help you strike a balance between your creative aspirations and present responsibilities. You don’t have to quit your day job to write a novel; you don’t have to become a “starving artist” to make creativity a part of your daily life.

All you need is clarity, focus, inspiration, and a little support from someone who’s been exactly where you are.

When you book a creative coaching session with me, I’ll help you:

– Identify your highest potential, and the steps you can take to get there;
– Examine any patterns or obstacles you need to overcome in this lifetime to truly tap into your creative side;
– Come up with time-management plans and help you stay accountable to your creative goals;
– Feel supported in all that you do;
– Develop a self-care plan to keep you inspired (and keep you from burning out, which is a big downfall for many on creative journeys);
– Understand how you can stop sending mixed messages to the universe and make a big, loud declaration about what it is you REALLY want to achieve in this lifetime;
– Develop a plan that you can use to keep yourself on track long after our session has ended.

For $75, Each creative coaching session includes:

– One Tarot reading, customized for you, to help us understand your creative potential and any challenges you might need to overcome;
– A one-on-one session with me where we map out your specific plan to get you committed to your creativity;
– A follow-up check-in, via email, where we touch base to see how things are going for you and where you might still need support.
– Additional coaching sessions are only $35.

Ready to make your creative commitment? Make the choice to work with me today.

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