Why I’m doing a digital detox

Page of CupsFor years, I resisted having a cell phone.

It was kind of ironic, because years before that, I had a cell phone way before some of my friends. But then I took off traveling, indefinitely. I cancelled my phone and once I was backpacking around, decided I very much liked being untethered.

During that time, I also realized how preoccupied I’d become with my phone – and this was still when phones were just phones, only good for making calls and sending awkward texts like CU L8R. Because for the first couple weeks while I was travelling, I kept expecting my phone to ring. I’d hear other cells go off and reflexively reach into my bag.

So when I eventually got back home to Toronto, I decided to remain cell-free, and stayed that way for years.

Until I got a job in marketing and PR at a national non-profit, which came with a certain expectation of connectedness. My boss gave me my first smartphone.

Before then, I was always really good at keeping a distance with technology. But as soon as I got that phone…I felt it pulling me more and more. It was so easy to take a break from working on my novel to just hop onto Facebook for a minute – a break, I would tell myself – or to check my email before bed.

First, these were things I would just do here and there. Then they became daily, and then they became hourly. And eventually, I noticed that those little Facebook breaks I was taking were eating up 20 minutes at a time. And that was precious writing time I’d specifically set aside for myself.

And I started to notice, too, that my head felt fuller. Busier. I had trouble getting into deep focus and concentration. I didn’t feel as creative, and that bothered me.

Worse, all of that screen time wasn’t making me feel very good. I felt guilty about it. And I also felt…empty. Like I was looking for something online, but never finding it.

I knew I needed less screen time. And gradually, I’ve put up little boundaries for myself around social media and my smartphone, but I still find that I crave more time offline.

My worst habit right now? Sitting down to watch something – and looking forward to doing so – and then missing parts because I get pulled into my phone instead.

At the start of 2016, I did a tarot reading for myself that told me one of the things I need to do this year is keep my mind as focused and distraction-free as possible. That reading also told me that I can help others do the same.

Which is why I’ve put together a Digital Detox program for the Spring Equinox, starting this Sunday, March 20.

This isn’t about disconnecting 24/7 for a week – that’s not a realistic situation for most of us these days. Instead, it encourages you to find just one hour a day unwind, distraction-free.

But it’s more than that. On Sunday, you’ll receive a guided meditation to use throughout the week and beyond if you like.

And every morning, you’ll receive worksheets full of journaling prompts to help you feel inspired, refreshed, and excited for the new spring season.

This detox is about more than getting offline: It’s about feeling inspired, creative, connected to who you are, and in flow with the things that bring you the most happiness.

Even if you don’t feel you need or want a digital detox, I bet you’ll still get something out of it by checking out the meditation and content throughout the week.

The best part? It’s free AND…there are prizes to be won at the end, including free tarot readings and coaching sessions with me.

If you haven’t signed up, you can do that here.

And if you have friends or family who you think might want to join in, please feel free to share this message with them.

You never know: This detox could be exactly what they need right now.

Got questions about it? You can always email me at lizworth@gmail.com.

See you Sunday!