Your weekly forecast for November 15-21, 2015: Neptune and the First Quarter Moon

This week I’m introducing something new: A weekly tarot forecast to help you set an intention for the days ahead and get a heads up on any significant astrological info for the week.

High Priestess“The answers I need are found when I allow myself to be still.”  

The High Priestess brings this week’s tarot message. She guards the secrets to the universe behind her veil, but she doesn’t reveal them easily.

Often, the High Priestess shows up when messages from the universe are trying to get through, but we’ve been keeping our minds too busy to hear them. She says, “Keep quiet and listen.”

If we don’t take time to slow down, we miss out on the time we need to reflect. Even simply reviewing the events of the day is important. It’s when our quieter moments when the answers we are looking for often begin to take shape, but we miss out on the chance to hear them if we keep ourselves too busy.

The High Priestess also encourages us to uncover our natural gifts, indicating that there is more beneath our surfaces than we might even realize.

This week, her presence is all too fitting in this area. Especially if you’ve been experiencing more, “What am I doing with my life?” moments in the past few months than ever before. Neptune has been retrograde in Pisces since June and starts to move direct again on Wednesday, November 18.

If you’ve been questioning your direction and decisions with your creativity, relationships, or even lifestyle choices, the fog is going to start to lift once Neptune starts to gain some momentum again. Remember that retrograde energy can take some time to shake off, so if you’re impatient for answers, remember the High Priestess’s message to listen and be still.

Because the High Priestess can be slow to reveal her mysteries, she’s also here this week to remind us that sometimes we aren’t meant to know certain things just yet. And that can be the power of this Neptune retrograde: Sometimes we need to sit with our questions for a while first before the answers can come. There might certain lessons or experiences that still need to play out, or opportunities that haven’t yet begun to manifest.

Everything comes in its own time, but the High Priestess assures us that once those answers arrive, it will all start to make sense.

This will be an important week to pay attention to your dreams. For some of us, it will also bring pivotal clarity where fantasies we’ve been holding onto will suddenly be seen for what they are. This can bring constructive and challenging situations:

For some, dreams will be dashed, but in their place something more tangible and realistic can start to form. Others will find that it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing. Again, the High Priestess is here as a reminder to watch for signs all around you. The Sun is still in Scorpio all week long, allowing for heightened intuition.

Thursday brings the First Quarter Moon in Aquarius, which to me feels like it could bring some duality to the day. First Quarter Moons act as checkpoints to the intentions and plans that we initiated at the start of the current lunar cycle.

So if you’ve been busy setting something into motion since the New Moon in Scorpio on November 11, then you could face a small test or challenge around it this week, or realize there might be a blind spot to it all. As Neptune’s fog lifts, it will be particularly important to scrutinize any snags that come up.

A small challenge doesn’t mean that you have to scrap an entire plan and start over. It’s simply acting as an editor or manager to remind you to pay attention to the details. It will also be an important day to pause and reflect on how things are coming together, rather than rushing something through.

But the energy of that Moon being in Aquarius is going to be very helpful in providing creative solutions and inspiration, especially from unlikely places. It’s a great day to approach things from an unconventional angle and break the rules wherever you need to.

Towards the end of the week, Mercury moves into Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a free spirit who loves learning and is constantly expanding its horizons, making it a great weekend to crack open a new book, take a day trip, or sign up for a workshop or course you’ve been thinking of. (Perhaps you’d like to make oracle cards with me in Toronto?)

So to recap:

– Overall, this week is a good one to take some time for yourself – even if it’s just a walk around the block after dinner;
– Neptune starts to go direct after being retrograde in Pisces, helping to lift any, “What am I doing with my life?” fog;
– The First Quarter Moon in Aquarius is going to act as a checkpoint to any plans or goals that went into motion within the past week, but that Aquarius energy will help offer creative solutions as needed.

Here’s a mantra for you to use throughout the week, inspired by the High Priestess:

“By valuing stillness is as much as action, I trust that the answers I need will appear.”

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