What others have to say about working with me

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As a tarot reader and astrologer…

“I’ve had my readings done quite a few times, but I found my reading with Liz very comfortable and informative. She clearly explained that cards and their relation to each other as well as my situation. She was kind, and left me with a sense of hope and courage. I have recommended her to friends.”
– Melissa J

“My birth chart session with Liz was easy and yet, full of depth. Liz shared information with me that I could immediately integrate, as well as insights that gave me something to consider. I felt hopeful and deeply SEEN in our session.”
– Samantha L

“You’re amazing at what you do. You read my body language and tone and listened carefully to my words…I loved the experience and talked about it with several people afterwards. Most importantly it was one of the steps that led me to a significant life change. So thank you.”
– Jenn

“Every time I have a reading with Liz, it is a boost of confidence and empowerment to know that I’m heading in the right direction.  Her readings resonate and hit on the spots I need to focus on.  And she’s great at providing tools that can help uncover blockages.  I love her style of reading and how she customizes accordingly.  My go to reader.”
-Erin Pazaratz

“I was initially a bit hesitant when I first booked my appointment for a Tarot reading, but once it started, I quickly realized I had nothing to worry about. I came to the table with a mind full of questions and conflicts. Liz helped guide me, with an intuitive reading and a calm and personable approach, to a feeling of clarity and peace about some key decisions and feelings in my life. I actually felt energized after my reading and would highly recommend a session with her. Even if you don’t have any big questions or events coming up, I still suggest you go! It can be a very positive and fruitful experience if you just want to gain some clarity.”
– Sophia, Toronto

“A few years ago I found myself out of a long term relationship, sitting in an almost empty apartment and not knowing where to go. Enter Liz. I wanted a reading to answer all the big ‘What will the future hold’ questions. That’s not what I got; Liz helped guide me down the paths I didn’t want to see for myself: The blockages, the creative barriers and the understanding that, ultimately, the movements of the universe were guidance points. That worked with me. It was always my choice to build my next steps; Liz helped me see my choices.”
– Galadriel

“Liz uses the cards to get deep into your own psyche. She gives you the answers to questions you didn’t know you had, but realize were there all along. My reading with her was like getting back on the path. Thanks Liz!”
– M Caron

“Liz did my very first Tarot reading for me and it was a wonderful experience. She has a very calm and welcoming energy and she was very good at explaining every step of the process. I would recommend this to anyone interested in learning more about themselves. A very valuable and inspirational experience!”
– Cara Nelissen

“I want you to know how much value I got from our talk. I felt empowered. I felt like someone was saying, ‘It’s cool that you’re having these struggles, that’s OK. I believe in you.’ It was kind of like getting a mental kick in the butt and a hug all at once. It validated what I was feeling and gave me courage to make a change.”
– Kate Smalley

“Liz Worth is a truly gifted tarot reader who thoughtfully engages with the mystery of the tarot. She possesses the unique ability of understanding the underlying meanings of the cards and how they are connected through her extensive knowledge base and the power of intuition. Liz will help you to understand the relevant issues at hand from all angles and provide you with great insight into what you need to know in order to move forward. Thank you, Liz, for inspiring and guiding me through the art of tarot.”
– Liz Selke

“At first, I thought Liz’s reading was a bit general in nature but she was able to hit on some specific events that were going on at the time of the reading. It wasn’t until a few months later when referring back to my notes, I realized Liz had identified some major events that I didn’t see coming. Great reading and her follow up notes are very valuable. Hold on to them!”
– Anonymous

“Liz Worth is not your ordinary psychic. Liz has spent her life contemplating the deeper mysteries of the universe, plumbing the depths of the human experience as a writer and reader. As a result, she brings a wealth of experience, wisdom and insight to her work. Her sincerity and integrity really sets her apart from the typical retail hustlers. Don’t hesitate to consult Liz for any inquiry you may have; she will channel genuine and authentic messages from the universe to you in her warm,sensitive and genuine style.”
– Ted Kaiser

“Liz’s intuition about people is just as good as her ability to read the cards. What she delivers is an experience that feels very personal. She always finds ways to help you figure out how the challenges ahead can be seen as learning experiences.”
-David W.

“I felt very at comfortable with Liz straight from the start. She takes a lots of care and holds the space with ease throughout the reading. Liz’s reading is very intuitive and was completely on point with what was going on and what came up soon after. I would highly recommend Liz to anyone who’s looking for more clarity or insight into any aspect of their life.”
-Carlyn Burchell

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect at first because I had never gone for any type of reading. Liz made me feel very comfortable and explained what I can expect from the reading, and from her. She was very open to questions and it was just all around a really great experience.”
– Megan Philpot

“Your grounded and humble approach to reading resonated with me. For me, your way of integrating a reading into my everyday lived realities is refreshing and authentic – as in YOUR own truth connecting with MY own truth.”
– Kirsten

“I am very happy to have had my first experience of Tarot with Liz Worth. I think anyone getting their first reading can feel a bit awkward and maybe even a bit trepidatious but Liz not only put me at ease and made me feel completely comfortable but her enthusiasm was infectious and I left the reading excited for the future and the insights I gained. I think, above all else, I appreciated her honesty, both emotional and literal. It was a fantastic experience – one I wont hesitate to have again in the future.” – M. Arend

“There is no mumbo jumbo – Liz breaks it down eloquently and clearly. I had specifically asked for a reading on creativity and Liz put the cards in that context. It was an hour and a lot of information to digest but I know what has to be done and if anyone else is in the same situation, I would suggest you do this. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies and you need an overview.”
– Ralph Alfonso, poet, musician, writer, designer, photographer, illustrator, owner of Bongo Beat Records, and more

“I found my reading with Liz to be concise and very accurate and would recommend her to anyone looking for a spiritual consultation. I also appreciated that she followed up with written notes which clarified several questions I had.”
– Marlene Daley

“I visited Liz to find more predictability and clarity in my day to day and found exactly just that. She provided me with events I can expect this coming year so I know how to spend my energy more efficiently.”
– Felix

“This was a new experience for me and Liz did a great job at making me feel at ease and explaining the process. Her follow up notes were a great help and I refer to them often.”
– Peter Philpot

“Liz Worth did Tarot Card readings at a few parties I hosted and always added a certain magical delight to the nights’ festivities. Offering curious guests empowering and spookily accurate answers to their burning questions, Liz didn’t just read the cards, she told stories that offered personalized insights and guidance. Guests, armed with these insights, were often transformed after the readings, sharing their newfound perspectives and consciousness openly with others. And, guests weren’t the only ones transformed during the readings. Liz takes diligent notes, devises her own spreads and goes on magical journeys with the people she reads for. There are many Tarot Card readers out there, but Liz is a natural-born oracle.”
Marisa Iacobucci, writer, editor, blogger, and mompreneur

“I was fortunate to have Liz perform a reading for me last October (2014) and enjoyed the entire experience thoroughly. Liz’s sensitivity toward both myself as a subject and the cards that I selected made for an engaging reading that spoke many truths and held some interesting surprises that hit close to home, considering the place I was at in my life, and the changes that I felt on the horizon.

“Liz brought a focus and care to the reading that I had not encountered with previous Tarot experiences (of which I have had many, often having a reading performed with every new major destination I visit). Best of all, Liz provided me with a very detailed written breakdown of my reading that she composed and emailed to me, allowing the finer details that would commonly go forgotten, to sink in with time.

“I would recommend Liz to anyone that is interested in gaining a new perspective with regards to the Tarot, be it a life-long believer, or a hardened skeptic – you won’t be disappointed.”
– William Allinson, Filmmaker/Animator

“Liz provided a wonderful reading for me from start to finish. She was an incredibly generous tarot card reader, giving me two very in depth readings and taking care to ensure that I had all my questions answered. She provided me with a write-up of the reading about a week later and I was able to glean even more insights from it. In terms of quality, Liz was dead-on in her reading. Liz has wonderful intuition which became apparent in her reading, leading to some spine-tingling moments where she was dead-on in her assessments. More than anything, Liz not only provided perspective for me on a tough situation but infused the experience with love and respect. I can’t recommend her enough!”
– Sarah Flanagan

“I had a reading with Liz last night and it was great – very comprehensive, practical, thoughtful and humane. It left me feeling very clear, for the first time in awhile. As a creator herself, Liz is especially good at empathizing and focusing upon blockages and the root causes behind them. Overall just a really positive experience.”
– Alison Lang

“I booked a tarot reading with Liz to get some insight around a podcast I’m creating. 60 minutes later I was thrilled. Not only is she a skilled tarot reader, but she also gave me some killer ideas for my podcast. And even more surprising? A few days later, she emailed me 2 full pages of typed notes. WOW! Beyond impressed. And I’ll definitely be getting more readings from Liz.”
– Erika Lyremark, Bestselling Author – Think Like A Stripper

“It was a stellar experience and one of the best readings I have received. The interpretation was in-depth, concise, and absolutely relevant to my inquiry. The cherry on top was the wonderful synopsis afterwards, which was a road map of the reading, and that I still refer to today.”
– Anonymous

“Liz’s readings are accurate, relatable, and filled with insights that resonate days and weeks later. I find myself re-reading them and finding new things to consider as time goes on. It’s been a real encouragement to read her words as I try to get back into a creative space.”
– Julie

“My email reading was much more detailed than I expected! I was in limbo between staying at my current job and taking a new one, and the reading really helped me in deciding what I should do. You were extremely helpful, and so friendly! Am extremely happy with my reading, and would come back again for another without hesitation.”
– Anonymous

“I’ve enjoyed Liz’s reality checks, in that she forgoes the ‘fluffiness’ of what I had expected a tarot reading might bring, and instead, ties her messages and readings to what’s really going on your life.”
– Allison

As a teacher… 

“Simply put, Liz is a great teacher.  As a beginner to tarot I was looking for someone who could skilfully introduce me to all the tarot has to offer and Liz did, and continues to do that with ease, warmth and understanding. Additionally, I learnt to reach into the cards and into myself and really cannot recommend Liz enough! On an additional note, I wholeheartedly recommend her Astro Oracle to supplement her tarot teachings and insights into the self.” 
– Stuart, South Wales

“I’m so glad that I took your classes. I have been really working on shifting some things in my life, and tarot has been a surprisingly helpful tool for me.”
– Monica, Reiki practitioner and healer

“Liz’s Tarot 101 class is filled with all the right kinds of information to make your feel comfortable getting started with your own Tarot practice. The class size was intimate and Liz’s teaching style makes for a really relaxed, enjoyable, and engaging class.”
– Jacqueline Omstead

“I booked onto Liz’s course, Taking Tarot to the Next Level, as a returning intermediate level reader.  Having been out of the tarot world for a while and come back in during the age of social media, I suddenly felt confused, overwhelmed and in no way able catch up with all these readers with incredible readings, which included everything and the kitchen sink!
     “Liz’s course started with what some may consider on the surface to be high level principles and took them really deep and helped me to dig right into readings in a way that really resonated with me.  We examined the concepts in a new light and covered all the key areas that querents tend to ask about (and that tend to make me nervous).  The course was content rich and I couldn’t wait for each week to come around for the next instalment, and even now I dive back in to the lessons to gain further insights.
      “I really enjoyed doing readings, getting feedback from an experienced reader, and the energy was very supportive and nurturing.  Since doing the course, both my tarot readings and rune readings have stepped up to a whole new level.  My confidence has soared and my feedback from others has gone from good reviews to outstanding ones.
      “I have since done other great courses with Liz, which gave me a lot of food for thought and I eagerly await her other online offerings.”
– Rachel

“Liz’s Art of Tarot workshop was a pleasure to take, she speaks clearly and exhibits a great knowledge on the subject. The setting was comfortable, making it easy to share various interpretations regardless of experience level. Through the workshop I gained a unique understanding and method of reading tarot. Will gladly enroll in more!”
– Leah from Toronto