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Photo by Shawn Nolan, 2017

I’ve been featured in Flare, Toronto Life, Betty Jane Ware’s Blog Talk Radio show and more. If you’re getting in touch about an interview or would like to request one of my books for review purposes, please drop me a line: 

Buzz about my work as an astrologer and tarot reader 

  • There’s no bigger biz in the tarot world than Biddy Tarot. So of course I was thrilled to be interviewed by Biddy founder Brigit Esselmont! You can listen to the podcast here, or catch up by reading the transcript.
  • Make Lemonade interviewed me about my work as a tarot reader, astrologer, and author. “Liz’s inspiring story highlights the value of our inner intuition, the importance of setting intentions and why we all need to acknowledge our power to create the future we want for ourselves.” Read the full interview here.
  • Province Apothecary featured me on their blog under “Women We Admire.” Read the interview here.
  • She Does the City listed me as one of the people to go see in Toronto if you want an astrology reading. Read it here.
  • She Does the City also listed my former astrology column, Hidden Insights, as one of the best weekly online horoscopes.
  • And…I’ve got one more shout-out from She Does the City to share: They listed me as someone to go if you want to learn tarot, or get started with a reading. Check it out here.
  • Flare magazine wanted to know: “What happens when a solar eclipse occurs during Mercury retrograde?” Here’s what I had to say.
  • Flare also tagged along to one of my workshops to learn more about modern witchcraft. Check out this awesome piece, “Why more millenials are turning to witchcraft for activism and self-care.”
  • Toronto Life wanted to know what it’s like to “deal in the occult for a living.” They asked four local readers, including me. Read it here.
  • Joanna DeVoe had me on as her guest on her amazing podcast, Hippie Witch. We talked tarot, intuition, and more. You can give it a listen here.
  • I was also a guest on Tarot Visions, hosted by Jaymi Elford and RoseRed Robinson. We covered a lot of ground, including some tips for aspiring tarot readers. Check it out here.
  • And the always awesome Theresa Reed (aka The Tarot Lady) so kindly featured me on her blog.
  • I chatted with TABI Tarot for this interview here and it was so much fun!

Buzz about Going Beyond the Little White Book: A Contemporary Guide to Tarot 

Rudolf of the beautiful Thoth Hermes podcast and website says that Going Beyond the Little White Book is, “it is probably the book you have been waiting for if you want a wide and thorough introduction into what the Tarot can give you today.” Read the full review here.

“This book is awesome, and I have zero qualms in saying so,” writes Des over at the Dreaming Bat. Read the full review here.

Ronda Snow of Modern Oracle Tarot gave this glowing review right here.

And Kate Tee over at TABI Tarot said, “…now I have found my very favourite tarot book ever.” Check out the full review here.

Buzz about my poetry and other creative projects 

My new poetry collection, The Truth is Told Better This Way, was listed by CBC Books as one of 16 poetry collections to watch for.

And The Truth was called one of the best poetry collections of 2017 by Glass Journal.

It also made Luna Luna’s Best Books of 2017 list.

Amanda Earl talks about The Truth is Told Better This Way on the Small Machine Talks podcast (27:50), which you can listen to here.

This Magazine reviewed The Truth is Told Better This Way here.

“Why Toronto publisher BookThug is getting into the record business.” I talked to the Globe and Mail about my work as a spoken word artist, and the new record I have out.

“Toronto publisher BookThug launches a record label,” Now Magazine, 2017. Read more about my work as a spoken word artist.

Looking for testimonials from people who’ve worked with me? You can find those here.