Anticipation and abundance: Reflecting on Mars retrograde and welcoming Lammas

Nine of Pentacles Cosmic TarotLet’s face it: We are living in tense times.

Things are surreal. People are expending multitudes of energy arguing with each other about anything and everything through computer screens and phones that fit in their palms.

The news of the world is volatile, divisive, and frightening.

Our health and environment are under assault, the high price of convenience and commerce.

It’s hard not to wonder where it’s all leading to in the long run. I often ask myself:

Will we ever find a way to heal the damage that’s been done? Not just the damage to the environment, but to each other.

It can be overwhelming to consider the crises that we face, not just now, but in the future, too.

Earlier this year, I overhead a group of women talking about their favourite tarot and astrology apps.

“I only subscribe to ones that have positive messages,” one woman was saying. “If I ever get a negative message, I delete the whole thing.”

I’ve heard many people say that they feel exhausted by what’s happening these days on a global level.

And on a micro level, we all still have our own personal stresses, wounds, and worries to move through, too.

How do you focus on your own healing in a world that needs so much help?

Ever since Mars retrograde began on June 26, dread, burnout, and pessimism may feel front and centre for some people.

But so does massive personal change.

I know people who are making big moves in their businesses to give themselves more of what they want in life, and less of what they don’t.

Some of them are closing shop altogether to take a leap of faith in a new direction.

I have friends who are quitting their jobs to take a few months off to work on their creative projects.

In my work, I’m reading for people of all ages who are reviving hobbies that have fallen to the wayside. One person told me they felt as though they were in the process of rediscovering who they used to be:

“I don’t know how I forgot about all the things that make me happy. It’s like I let too many other things get in the way of what I love the most.”

Mars rules our drive, ambition, and determination – key components to feel motivated to keep moving forward.

If you’ve suddenly started to wonder what’s missing in your life, or have the urge to clear your calendar so that nothing gets between you and the things that matter most, you may be sensitive to this Mars retrograde.

Mars loves to move forward, but its retrograde period reminds us that we can’t be go, go, go all the time.

Energy has to be focused on something. It wants to have a purpose to fulfill, whether it’s something as personal as reading a book, or as big as raising a family or building your empire.

More than ever, we are fighting for our own attention. More than ever, we have to protect our minds from endless distractions, and outside expectations for our time.

There is so little time to breathe. To ease up. To not have to rush from one thing to another, or respond to one thing to the next.

Be your own voice of reason if you have to. Be your own anchor in a time when it may seem difficult to rest your focus on any one thing for very long.

Trust that it’s not only okay, but necessary, to say, “I’m not choosing to look at that right now.”

Or, “Yes, I got your email. Let me get back to you after I have some time to think about it.”

Mars retrograde can help us check in with our own limitations, and to assert them. To use those limitations as our own source of protection.

And if you are feeling depleted right now and in need of an energy boost, ask yourself:

Where can you anticipate some good in your life? I think looking for the good can feel conflicting for us sometimes.

The Nine of Pentacles showed up for this week’s message. It is rooted in the element of earth, the element of groundedness and stability. 

It also a card that reminds us of the importance of giving yourself credit for all that you have already done in your life.

Think of all that you have learned. The people you’ve built great relationships with. The experience you’ve gained.

It all adds up to something, doesn’t it?

And if you have a happy moment to celebrate these days, let yourself have it. There is still much good in the world, too.

“Anticipation for abundance is high,” Tiffany Lazic writers in this year’s Witches’ Datebook. Tiffany speaks of Lammas, which arrives this Wednesday, August 1.

Lammas connects back to Imbolc on February 1, when the seeds of spring – the seeds of your intentions for what’s to come – are brought forward. Just like the growth that we see coming to fruition in the Nine of Pentacles.

Now, the harvest begins in preparation for the coming fall season. It is a time to check in with yourself around your own vision for your life, and the changes, limitations, or revisions that may be supporting that harvest at this time.

If it helps, here is a mantra to work with throughout the week:

I am my own voice of reason.
Until next time,

Liz xo

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