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Are you making this mistake with tarot?

Earlier this week, I shared some thoughts on my Instagram page about the overwhelming amount of information there is out there these days on, well, just about anything. Tarot was not my first step into card reading: When I was 13, I spent an entire summer teaching myself how to read playing cards. I had

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What I wish my clients knew about tarot

I can tell a lot about a person’s understanding of tarot by the questions and comments they make about it. Take, for example, a cousin of mine. A couple of years ago we were chatting at a family gathering. We hadn’t seen each other in years and when I told him about my tarot business,

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New Season, New Cycles, New Moon

The Sun entered Cancer on Saturday, June 20 at 5:44pm EST. This marks a change in season, but it’s not the only wheel that’s turning this week. There are so many dynamic energies at play. Old chapters are coming to an end and new stories are about to begin. We are under the influence of

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