Don’t skip this step when you’re learning tarot

If there’s one thing that gets overlooked most when it comes to learning tarot, it’s this:

Your why.

Why do you want to learn tarot?

What do you believe it will do for you?

What do you want to use it for?

What do you hope to be able to gain from the experience?

There can be any number of reasons to learn tarot. You may have several answers to each of these questions, or just one or two.

There is no right or wrong. There is no ideal reason, no purpose that is better than any other.

But to have a purpose behind learning tarot can really help you to figure out what to focus on, which classes to take, books to read, or techniques to understand.

Here are some reasons you might want to learn tarot:

You want to help yourself. Tarot is a tool that offers insight and guidance. It can help you see where to focus your attention, or to alert you to distractions or obstacles that are diluting our energy.

You want clarity. Tarot provides answers. If you’ve used it already, you’ve probably noticed that tarot doesn’t tell you much that you don’t already know – but that can be very affirming. It’s like getting a second opinion, or a hit of validation.

You want to help others, eventually. You might have goals of being able to give readings to your friends or family, or to even become a professional reader one day. You see tarot as something that can help others find meaning.

You want to deepen your spiritual connection. Tarot is a form of divination – it contains the word “divine.” Tarot can be a powerful spiritual practice, but it’s independent of dogma or doctrine. It encourages you to think for yourself, to be your own guiding light, and to deepen your awareness of the potential within you as well as around you.

You want to live with purpose. Tarot increases your awareness. While deeper awareness doesn’t create change on its own, it does inspire you to take more meaningful, informed actions.

You appreciate the mystical and the practical. Tarot doesn’t have to be all about the “woo” factor. In fact, one of the biggest things I’ve come to appreciate about tarot in my time as a professional reader is the range of questions tarot can answer. I’ve done readings for people on everything from car repairs to workout routines.

Sometimes the most magical thing a reading can give you is to help alleviate a worry or offer a solution that you can’t see for yourself yet.

Why are you learning tarot?

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