Be you.

I recently read this from author and occultist Ly De Angeles and it resonated so much with me.

I truly believe that the most rebellious thing we can each do is to be ourselves – it’s sad, in a way, but in a world where we are constantly being told that we need to worry about impressing employers we haven’t met yet, where we are constantly barraged with information that is designed to make us feel less than we really are, and where are often expected to do the opposite of what we really want to do – whether that’s creating or dancing or wearing our own clothes to work instead of someone else’s idea of “appropriate attire” – I thought I would share these thoughts.

Hopefully they bring you some inspiration (or reinforcement):

“We seem to automatically shift gears whenever we are in diverse company, to somehow assimilate into the situation. This is not necessarily a problem when it’s done for the sake of harmony; when one’s principles and individuality are not compromised; when one is aware of the process.

“Problems arise when… a person unconsciously glamours themselves for the sake of pleasing another, to the detriment of one’s true self. This so often happens in the mating game, when either a man or a woman seeks to draw their mask into intimacy. It occurs at corporate and political levels. It is the chameleon state assumed by those who are under threat; it happens in families all too often when a child is expected to conform to a required status quo.

“…It becomes difficult for others to read a person who doesn’t pretend. When there is no game and nothing to win or lose, one holds a vital power. You see, a persona, a glamouring, is like a mirror, and the image in the mirror is something of whoever looks in the glass…”

– Ly De Angeles, Witchcraft: Theory and Practice


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