Grimoire and Spell Writing Tarot Workshop

Sunday, October 22
1pm EST - 4:00pm EST
Online via Zoom

Tarot has long been used as a powerful writing prompt.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to start creating their own grimoire, or spell book, using a creative tarot spread to guide the process.

What will we do here? 

This workshop will be part lecture, part hands-on tarot reading and spell writing.

In Part One, you will learn how to work with tarot to create your spell book.

We’ll break out individually to map our books, and then regroup for discussion and sharing.

In Part Two, you will learn how to use tarot to write spells and rituals. This will give you a way to fill your spell book and create magic in your day-to-day life using your cards.

We will study the anatomy of spell writing to get you inspired and informed by the structure of an effective spell.

Then we’ll break out individually to write our own spells before regrouping for discussion and sharing.

The aim here is for you to leave this workshop with an outline of ideas for your spell book, and one spell you can start with.



You will learn:

  • How to use tarot to vision and map your spell book;
  • How to use tarot to create your own spells;
  • How to write personal spells that feel effective and connected to your intentions.

Registration is now open.

This workshop takes place on Zoom on Sunday, October 22 from 1pm - 4pm (Eastern Time).

Pay in USD or CAD. See options below to choose the appropriate currency.

What to bring:

Come with a deck of tarot cards and writing materials.

I strongly recommend a Rider Waite Smith or similar deck to make the most of this process.

Cost and Registration

Replays will be available for those unable to attend live.

The cost of the workshop is $70 USD.

(Canadian residents may choose to pay in CAD currency using the option below.)

All sales are final. Please shop mindfully.

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Canadian residents may pay in CAD currency (tax included in the price).

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What level of tarot reader is this suitable for?

All levels are welcome. We are working with a visual approach to the cards. If you are willing to simply see what tarot is showing you, and put aside the guidebooks for the time being, you’ll be ready for this class.

Here's a recap of the workshop outline:

We will read cards. We will write. We will begin mapping our spell books and personal magic. 

By the end, you will have a map of you grimoire, and one written spell you can weave into your magical practice. 

Throughout the workshop, we’ll cover some foundational approaches to creating a magical journal like this, and then work through a step-by-step spread to gather inspiration to help inspire and structure a grimoire.

We will also learn how to sustain a magical writing practice once it’s begun.