Honouring the light: Welcoming the Summer Solstice and Cancer season

Nine of Cups Cosmic TarotThe Sun and Moon, our luminaries, are waxing. They are our natural sources of light, the brightest things in our sky.

They are the rulers of day and night. And this Thursday, June 21, we welcome the Summer Solstice, or Litha, a time when the Sun is at its peak. Since the Winter Solstice in December, the Sun’s light has been growing day by day.

This week brings us to a halfway point, back to when the Sun first entered Capricorn, a sign that asks us, “What’s next?”

Think back to any intentions, plans, or goals you set around the start of 2018. This week is a potent time to check in to see how those intentions are doing:

Have they grown with the light of the Sun?

Don’t worry if things haven’t been going to plan. Some intentions are like that: They need more time and care to become reality.

The Summer Solstice helps us to connect with our personal power. The Sun acts as a spotlight, helping us to shine, and to see which steps we need to take in order to do so.

Trust that the light is there for you. Trust that your next step is right in front of you, out in the open, impossible to miss.

Use the Sun’s potent energies this week to re-set any intentions from six months before, or to set something new into motion altogether. Even if it’s just to connect with your own power.

The Sun also enters Cancer this Thursday. Cancer is one of the cardinal signs, joined with Aries, Libra, and Capricorn, that moves us into a new season.

For many of us, summer becomes a time when we ease off the pressure and make more time to rest, unwind, and explore.

We can also think of the Summer Solstice as a vessel in which to place our hopes and dreams for the season ahead, so that those intentions can unfurl like a long, beautiful summer day.

Here is an intention to take with you throughout the week:

“I share my deepest dreams with the Earth, trusting in its strength to support me.”

Remember, too, that whatever sign the Sun is in will influence our experiences here on earth. Every thirty days, when the Sun changes signs, we move through new themes and flavours.

Nothing in this world stays the same. Every day is a little bit different. Consistency is unattainable. Fluidity is all we can have.

And fluidity is what we get with the Sun in watery Cancer. We see the Nine of Cups for this week’s card, where vulnerability, connection, and love holds strong.

There is a tradition in tarot of considering this to be the wish card, which I feel is very fitting given the potential that the Summer Solstice holds for us.

Make your wishes this Thursday, and then allow your heart to open during Cancer season.

Open to what? You might be wondering.

Open to your heart’s desires.

Open to yourself.

Open to friendship.

Open to life.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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