Tarot tips: A tarot spread for creativity

writing-3Tarot is a key to your inner world, and so is the act of creation. Have you ever had a brilliant, breakthrough idea come to you “out of thin air”? Or have you ever created something and then struggled to explain exactly how you did it?

It isn’t uncommon for creative types to almost feel like their work is foreign to them once they look back at it.

That’s because when we are making something, the ideas and processes we’re tapping into aren’t coming from our consciousness, or our ego. As though we’re in a trance, channelling our creative energy and ideas, creative works come from a deeper place.

Some people call it the ether, some a higher plane – it really doesn’t matter how you choose to define it; what’s important is that this creative source is always available to us, should we choose to open to it.

But sometimes we need a little help to welcome that creative energy into our lives. For whatever reason, it can become blocked from us, whether we’re just starting out on a creative journey or have been at it for years.

Insecurity, stress, busy schedules, fear of failure, and doubt are just a few of the things that can impact our creativity, and sometimes we aren’t aware that these feelings or situations are affecting us in this way.

But when we turn to tarot, we can start to see the way out. Here is a six-card spread that can help you see the steps that you can take to get more in touch with your creativity:

Card #1 (centre): This card represents you and your talents. It highlights the talents you have to give you a better understanding of where your strengths lie, and what you already have at your disposal.

Card #2 (top): This position represents a mental practice to explore and implement. Where do you need to change your thinking? Is there a different state of mind you need to take?

Card #3 (right): This position represents an emotional practice to put in place. How are your feelings affecting your creativity? For example, do you need to move forward with an open heart? Or maybe protect it a little more? Are you nurturing an insecurity, or holding onto grudges that are blocking your true potential?

Card #4 (bottom): This positions represents a spiritual practice to put in place. Do you need to take more time to meditate? Is your intuition trying to get your attention? Are there signs you’ve been ignoring?

Card #5 (left): This position represents a practical step to take. What can you do, starting today, to help enhance your creativity? Creating is a process, and it requires commitment, but when we take it one step at a time, progress can be immediate.

Card #6 (crossing the Self card in the centre): This position brings a final piece of advice from the tarot about what you can do to help enhance your creativity. Use it wisely ; )

Creativity spread


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