Mars in Aquarius and fresh inspiration in the final days of summer

Princess of Wands Cosmic TarotMars enters Aquarius tonight at 8:56pm EST.

The planet of drive and determination enters the sign of the water bearer, the place where ideas flow freely.

Sometimes we talk about Mars as the planet of war, but no planet is ever limited to just one energy or definition. When Mars is in Aquarius, though, I think it’s worth noting the dichotomy between these two.

Aquarius has a reputation for emotional disconnection, but we can’t forget that it’s also a highly social, humanitarian energy. If there is any disconnect, it’s often because Aquarius is already a few steps ahead of everyone else, lost in the potential of the future, refining tomorrow’s promise. 

Mars likes to have its way. In our personal natal charts, Mars is where we assert ourselves. It is where we want what we want, and how, and when. It is our willpower, and the way we exert our energy.

So when Mars meets up with innovative Aquarius, the rebel of the zodiac, limitations are lifted.

Where we once felt stalled in our ideas, plans, or progress, Aquarius begins to reveal a different way of doing things.

Maybe it’s a gentler way. Or one that comes through community or collaboration.

Maybe it’s not the expected way, but that’s because Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which never does anything the same way twice.

So if you’ve been up against a wall lately, or feeling stuck for energy or inspiration, tap into Mars’ energy in the days ahead.

Ask yourself if you need fresh motivation. Or if you’re in a rut with your personal routines – anything from work to working out, to creative processes to the schedules you keep.

Ask yourself, too, if there is any way you’d like to shift your energy in the world. Mars in Aquarius can make us see where we are being impatient with those we share this planet with.

Is there a small gesture that you can carry forward that might temper Mars’ war-like energy, and help it connect with Aquarius’ community-driven optimism?

The little things add up with personal planets like Mars.

And it’s the little things we see in the cards this week with the Princess of Wands. This card initiates us into new ideas, and new forms of expression. It is an inherently creative energy, but you don’t have to be an artist to appreciate it.

It is also a reminder that life isn’t always about being inspired, but also being the source of someone else’s inspiration.

Everything is our creation. You can create a memory for someone through a kind word, or by sharing your time, or voicing a valuable perspective.

It all counts.

“Even the smallest actions have an impact.”

Until next time,

Liz xo

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