Mars retrograde, Mercury in Leo, and a Capricorn Full Moon

Wheel of Fortune Cosmic TarotThe Wheel of Fortune came up as this week’s card. Whenever I see it, I know that that wheel is going to take a spin.

Things come up for re-evaluation with the Wheel of Fortune, and change is always a side-effect. Things may feel uncertain as a result, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t come out on top in the end.

Why is the wheel turning in the first place?

This Tuesday, June 26, Mars retrograde begins. The planet of drive and determination will be retrograde until August 27.

The last time we had Mars retrograde was in the summer of 2016, so if you are wondering how, or even if, this retrograde might affect you, try to think back to what was surfacing for you then.

Of course, every retrograde will be a bit different. In 2016, Mars was in Scorpio – a sign it rules – when it was retrograde.

This time, it will be in Aquarius, eventually slipping back into Capricorn during this retrograde period.

Mars connects to our vitality, energy, and ability – or willingness – to push forward.

In rebellious, creative Aquarius, you might feel creatively stalled at times.

Aquarius can also be idealistic, at times ungrounded in its lofty visions, and this retrograde might stir up some tensions between possibility and actuality.

We cannot live solely in the realm of potential. In large doses, potential can send us into spiraling work schedules and tiresome chases. It makes put every ounce of energy we have into things that may never materialize because we “see the potential.”

This retrograde might ask you to re-evaluate these aspects in your own life, if only for the next couple of months.

Go for the safer bet, or the sure thing. Don’t deplete yourself unnecessarily, and beware of work for work’s sake.

Also pay attention to where you are getting wiser in these chases. If you have spent the last few years speculating and acting on potential – whether things worked out or not – see now what you have learned through the process.

How has your decision-making matured?

Remember, too, that while certain facets of our lives may slow with Mars retrograde, there will always be other energies in the mix.

This Friday, June 29, Mercury enters Leo, bringing fresh sources of inspiration and expression.

Mercury connects to the voice, and in Leo, this makes me think of words that can set things in motion.

Your words can become sparks of inspiration. Your creative fire can light up someone else’s life.

It can be a profound time for writing, speaking, connection, performing, promoting, and inspiring.

Again, I’m thinking back to the Wheel of Fortune card and am reminded that it’s through our words that we so often make our own fortunes.

What we say, and how we say it, has a tremendous impact on the quality of our relationships and opportunities.

And so we also have to choose our words wisely in fire. Otherwise people get burned, and plans and promises get made that can’t be kept. So make sure you can follow through on whatever you set out to do during this time.

Thursday’s Full Moon in Capricorn can help us to see what direction we want our words to go in once Mercury enters Leo.

Just as the Summer Solstice offered a check-in point, so does this week’s Full Moon.

Grounded and focused, Capricorn will want you to take note of what’s coming full-circle for you in terms of any plans related to structure, stability, or ambition.

As Mars retrograde amps up, there may also be insights into what you need to let go of, or ease up on, in terms of goals that are depleting or draining your resources, spiritually or materially.

Full moons can be powerful times to surrender and release whatever is holding you back.

If it helps, here’s an intention for the week ahead:

My limitations are my boundaries. My energy is mine to protect.

And if you have a tarot deck of your own and want to connect with this week’s Full Moon, here is a spread to work with:

1. Where do I have to be easier on myself at this time?  
2. What can I release in order to create more flow in my life?
3. Where am I putting too much pressure on myself?
4. What can I stop doing altogether?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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