Mercury and Venus in Aries, Jupiter retrograde: A new stage is being set

Page of CrystalsEnergetically, some of us might still be feeling the pull of last week’s Full Moon in Virgo. While the power of a full moon might only last for a day or so, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make a lasting impression sometimes.

Virgo likes to analyse and dissect, so if you have had a realization about something that needs to be examined more closely, allow yourself to open to that.

This week brings further shifts. Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 6, Mercury and Venus both move into the sign of Aries.

Mercury connects to our thoughts and words. Aries is fast-acting, impulsive, confidence, and spontaneous. This can be a great time to open up your creative channels and let new inspiration flow in.

We can feel lifted, poised to act upon a new idea.

It can also be a powerful time to work on using your voice. Aries is assertive, fearless. It goes for what it wants. Mercury in Aries might ask you to survey your own ability to speak your mind, even if it means saying something that goes outside of what’s expected, or accepted.

Anger can rise under fiery transits. With Mercury here, we might find our thoughts get focused on frustration, tension. As creative as Aries can be, it can also be combative.

I have talked before allowing anger to be productive, of using it to propel you forward towards change rather than taking it on as an identity, or letting it become destructive.

Let anger show you what needs to change, or needs to be addressed.

Of course, we do have to be careful about what we say when Mercury is in Aries. This is fire energy. It moves quickly. Aries is represented as the ram, an animal that buts its head up against its opponents.

As a species, sheep are known to establish dominance and status through aggression and combat. The bigger a ram’s horns, the higher up the hierarchy it may go.

Sometimes, we can speak too soon with Mercury in Aries. Sometimes, we can become the ones who are creating chaos for others. So while anger can be useful, we can’t forget that our words can still be weapons.

If you do catch yourself reacting too quickly, or saying something that you later wish you could take back, remember that everyone around us is under the same Mercury Aries influence right now. Aries can be as quick to forgive as it is to anger, but apologies are best delivered with the same confidence and openness that Aries strives for.

Later this month, we’ll see our first Mercury retrograde period for 2018. Themes that begin this week can become major points of discussion and growth in the coming weeks.

Last year, Venus’ transit through Aries made for a very interesting time, too. Venus in Aries can also be an incredibly creative time, helping us to tap into ideas or projects that might be outside of our comfort zone.

It can be great period for creative risks and feminist principles.  

Venus isn’t always comfortable in Aries because these two energies want different things: Venus likes to be comfortable, and Aries enjoys a challenge. For some us, this may be a time when our own comfort zones are challenged.

It can also be a time when we feel challenged to let our needs to be known:

How do you want to be seen?
How do you want your body, and your beauty, to be accepted?
How do you want to feel, inside and out?

This isn’t about conforming to anyone else’s standards creatively, sexually, or emotionally. Aries sets the tone rather than plays within it.

Mercury and Venus are both personal planets, giving each of us opportunity to shift the standards that have been imposed upon us.

On Thursday, March 8, Jupiter retrograde begins. Jupiter is in the sign of Scorpio, where it is challenging shame. It is challenging the things that we have been taught, or told, to keep secret. It is allowing us to redefine personal truth and power, and encouraging everyone to lead by intuition.

Jupiter retrograde periods are long. This one will last until July 10. It’s a time of allowing Jupiter’s expansive energy to help you with some inner work. It’s a time to look at what you are tired of carrying around, emotionally or physically.

It’s a time to let yourself heal, to release secrets that you don’t want to keep anymore, to bring yourself to a more honest place.

I feel like this is all setting the stage for a very dynamic start to the coming spring season. I pulled the Page of Crystals for this week’s forecast and was immediately drawn to the image of a person who is reflected back at themselves.

We all have dualities, don’t we? We all have lives outside of ourselves, and lives we lead privately, quietly, when we are alone. And the upcoming astrological energies are giving us a chance to change our own reflections, or at least evaluate them.

This card shows someone reaching towards themselves, and reaching up for something that is within their grasp, but isn’t quite attainable yet: An ideal, a dream a new reality.

It’s there, waiting to be held.

For the week ahead, I’ll leave you with this mantra:

“Being heard begins with listening to myself.”

Until next time,

Liz xo

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