Do you love to live by the moon and want to take the next step to deepen your relationship with La Luna?

Get directly in touch with the Moon’s power and potential and start setting powerful, effective intentions with 12 guided meditations.


You're in the right place if...

You're ready to align with your authentic self.

You crave more connection to the Earth’s natural rhythms...

You want to trust yourself more...

And you want to build that self-trust so that you can start taking real, actionable steps towards your deepest goals...


You don’t want to live your life based on someone else’s ideas of what success, happiness, or fulfillment is supposed to look like.

You want to live a purposeful, meaningful life that comes from your creativity, spirituality, and heart.

Which is why the Moon is calling to you. The archetype of instinct and intuition compels you to wake up and listen to your own inner voice:

What’s it saying? And how can you become a better listener when it comes to tuning into your own inner compass?

Every month brings a new moon, an opening and portal that holds energetic potential to plant new seeds and intentions in a different area of your life each time.

Working with every lunar cycle, and understanding what to focus on when, is how you can begin to create true magic in your daily life.

But it’s knowing how to tap directly into that lunar energy that’s the key.

That’s why I created this collection of guided meditations to help: Each one is specifically designed to put you in touch with each month’s new moon, helping you to get crystal clear in your intentions and take meaningful action to move your life forward exactly the way you want to.


Maybe you’ve already set some intentions during new moons, but they haven’t landed quite the way you wanted to.

You’re not sure if you’re doing it “right” and you want a little bit of guidance to focus your mind and energy into an effective monthly practice…

Or maybe you have always been curious about working with moon’s cycles.

You see tarot readers, astrologers, and healers talking about new moon intentions and rituals they’re setting up every month, and yet you’re not sure how to get started yourself, or what it takes to begin to connect to these lunar energies…

Or maybe you already have an ongoing relationship with the moon, but you want to go deeper…

If this sounds like you, why not take the next step with my New Moon Meditations?  

Whether you have been working with the Moon’s energy for years, or are just learning about the Moon’s significance, these meditations will help you connect directly with the Moon’s potency.

Here are some examples of how you can make these meditations work for you:

🌙 Do you have a desire to create, write, or express yourself more, but lack clarity or confidence to do so? Work with the Moon to find your voice and let your creative passions flourish…

🌙 Do you feel blocked in your relationships and want to experience more connection with friends, colleagues and loved ones? Work with the Moon to start overcoming barriers that affect your personal and professional life…

🌙 Do you feel like there’s something big you’re meant to do here on Earth, but you have trouble figuring out exactly what that is? Work with the Moon to align with your authentic self and begin to uncover your true potential…

These New Moon Meditations were made for you - and the whole collection is only $27!

"Yes, I'm ready to take this next step."

"Be both soft and wild. Just like the moon. Or the storm. Or the sea."

Victoria Erickson

Hi there. I’m Liz Worth. I’m a coffee-loving, dog obsessed tarot reader, trained astrologer and Moon watcher.

I’ve been working with the cycles of the Moon for more years than I care to count now.

In fact, I started my full-time tarot business after setting an intention on during a New Moon – and once I set that promise out into the universe, things happened fast soon after.

So I don’t only believe in the power of the Moon – I’ve seen it and lived it myself.

And now I want to share the magic with you.

What do you get when you purchase these meditations?

You get immediate access to:

12 downloadable meditations for each New Moon of the year.

These recordings are not connected to specific lunar dates – they can be used year after year, as often as you wish. Take them with you wherever you go!

A 20-page e-book and user guide that includes instructions on how to work with the moon and make the most out of these meditations. 

Newbies, have no fear: You will get all the info you need to harness the power of these recordings!

Learn to create your own sacred space, Moon rituals, and more!

The e-book also includes affirmations, suggested crystals, candle colours, and more for each new moon, so you can start creating your own sacred space, rituals, and magical workings when you sit down to meditate.


  • Gaining more clarity over the direction you want your life to go in…
  • Making the time for yourself to visualize your destiny, and begin to set focused, powerful intentions that will help you get there…
  • Feeling more aligned with your authentic self as you connect to your spiritual path and the power of the Moon…

Begin today.

What are you waiting for?

The Moon is ready for you.

Copyright Liz Worth (c) 2021


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