New Season, New Cycles, New Moon

The Sun entered Cancer on Saturday, June 20 at 5:44pm EST.

This marks a change in season, but it’s not the only wheel that’s turning this week.

There are so many dynamic energies at play. Old chapters are coming to an end and new stories are about to begin.

We are under the influence of eclipse season already; yesterday’s New Moon in Cancer coincided with a solar eclipse at 2:41am EST, 0 degrees Cancer.

Cancer is often pigeonholed as soft and sensitive, but there always more sides to the story. Cancer also is the changing of the tides and the undertow of your instinct that pulls you towards your heart’s true intent.

In eclipse season, buttons get pushed. Patience gets tested. Nerves become frayed – but there’s a purpose behind the tension, if you’re willing to look behind the veil.

In recent days, I have seen a lot of my peers make some massive decisions about how they are working and who they are working with: People are getting tired of ungrateful clients and greedy employers. They are getting fed up with unrealistic expectations and exploitative business practices.

In eclipse season, people say, “Enough is enough. I am not doing this anymore.”

Maybe you have been hearing yourself say the same thing.

Cancer energy affirms your feelings. It validates your intuition and tells you, “You’re not feeling this by accident. You are due for a change.”

Hell, this whole world is due for a change.

And even if a change feels so small and so personal, you never know how it ripples out and touches someone else.

Venus retrograde in Gemini has also stirred up a whole lotta reflection over your self-worth and value, as well as what is important to you and why. Venus stations direct on Thursday, June 25. Her new journey ahead will help you integrate any changes you’re making to your personal life that will help you feel clearer about what you want and how you need to ask for it.

On Saturday, June 27, Mars enters Aries at 9:45pm EST. Mars is a planet to watch this year, as it will be retrograde from September 9 to November 13 – a ways off yet, but significant to note.

Why? Because Mars goes retrograde every 26 months, whereas most planets retrograde annually. Mars is the planet of action, momentum, and drive, after all, so it’s no surprise that it does not take much time off.

In Aries, Mars begins a new cycle. It takes about two years for Mars to move through the zodiac; the last time it was in Aries was from December 31, 2018 to February 14, 2019.

You might want to think back to what was happening in your life then:

What kind changes were you making?
What kind of urgency or impatience were you feeling?
What kind pressure were you under?

It’s a great time to see where your actions have taken you and what you want to gain momentum with now. Especially around decisions that require a sense of fearlessness.

Even though the pandemic has slowed many things down, there are still many ways to keep life moving forward. Mars in Aries can help to bring some much-needed determination right now and can give you the impetus you need to clear some obstacles out of your path.

Let me know how you’re feeling and what you’re up to.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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