Taking Tarot to the Next Level: Go Beyond the Basics

Have you outgrown beginner tarot classes? 

If you're ready to take your tarot readings to a new level, this is the place for you.

Study at your own pace. Start at any time.

There’s a lot more to reading tarot than memorizing card meanings.

Learning tarot takes time, patience, and a willingness to challenge yourself.

It can feel overwhelming at times, but it’s so rewarding once it all starts to come together.

  • If you feel like you are missing something when you work with tarot…
  • If you feel like the guidebooks aren’t telling you everything you need to know….
  • If you feel like you have outgrown beginners' tarot classes and are ready to go deeper...
  • If you feel like you can only go so far with the cards before you get stuck…
  • If you feel like you’re ready to conquer some new learning curves with tarot…
  • If you feel like you might one day want to read tarot for others, or you already do, but you want to freshen your skills with some new perspective…

This program is for you.

Get ready to break out of tired tarot meanings and learn how see the cards in new ways.

Stop feeling intimidated about tarot and give yourself the chance to try new techniques, make bolder interpretations, and push your predictive skills. 

Learn techniques that will help you read tarot for other people - and feel in control even when unexpected questions arise. 

How? By going beyond the basics with Taking Tarot to the Next Level.

What is Taking Tarot to the Next Level?

Taking Tarot to the Next Level is an in-depth tarot training designed specifically for people who are ready to take their tarot skills a step further.

You will learn techniques that are particularly important to know if you want to read tarot for others, or eventually open your own professional tarot practice.

If you have reached a point where you're too advanced for beginner tarot courses, but there's still more you want to learn, this program is for you.

Who am I?

My name is Liz Worth, tarot reader and author of two critically-acclaimed books on tarotGoing Beyond the Little White Book: A Contemporary Guide to Tarot, and The Power of Tarot. 

I have taught tarot to hundreds of people online and off. I've gathered in local shops and conference rooms in Toronto, Montreal, New York City, Portland, and more to bring the knowledge of tarot to seekers of all ages. 

One thing I noticed on my path is that there are tons of options out there for beginner tarot readers - it's easy to get started with tarot, but how do you grow from there

That's why I created Taking Tarot to the Next Level. I wanted to create a program to help tarot readers who have hit a plateau in their learning, or who need to develop deeper skills in order to better serve the world. 

What will you learn in this course?

Here's what you can expect from each lesson:

Lesson OneIntentions, Questions and Simple Spreads 

In the first module, we cover some of the core foundations of a good tarot reading, including 3-card spreads, mindset, and more. You will learn:

  • Questions to help you frame your mindset as a tarot reader;
  • The importance of intention – your why;
  • How to choose the right tarot spread;
  • Simple spreads to start with.

Lesson Two: The Art of the No-Spread Spread

This lesson teaches how you to lay down 3 cards with no set positions and start reading - without relying on any generalized keywords or rote memorization, either. This technique is ideal for getting clear answers to specific questions. We'll cover: 

  • The importance of questions and context when reading tarot;
  • The role of the tarot's elements when working with just three cards;
  • How to "see" what the cards are trying to tell you;
  • How to build your own language and meaning based off of the tarot's artwork 

Lesson Three: Energy, Timing and Yes or No Questions

Do you ever wonder if you need to "connect" to a querent's energy to adequately perform a reading? Do you ever try to figure out whether tarot can help you time an event, or tell you when something might take place? This lesson focuses on energy and timing techniques for predicitve and proactive readings. In this lesson, you will learn:

  • How to feel connected before a reading, especially if you are reading for others
  • How to predict timing in tarot
  • How to deal with answers you don’t want to hear in a reading

Lesson Four: Yes or No Questions, and Open Readings 

In this lesson, you will learn two important tarot techniques that sit at opposite sides of the spectrum: Yes or no readings, and open (or general) readings. You may have heard that tarot doesn't "work" for yes or no questions, but I invite you to challenge that belief with this lesson. You will learn:

  • The pros and cons of yes or no questions;
  • Yes or no techniques in tarot;
  • Navigating open readings, with no specific question in mind; and
  • Learn my exclusive go-to tarot spread for open readings

Lesson Five: When Good Cards Are Bad, and Bad Cards Are Good

Sometimes tarot is confusing. We pull cards that look happy and easy when we're asking about troubled times. Or we see Death, the Devil, or the Tower when we're trying to get a sense of hope in our lives. Learning how to interpret unexpected cards in tarot is one of the most important skills a tarot reader can develop. This week you'll learn: 

  • The roles of intuition and logic in your tarot readings;
  • What it means to define good, bad, or challenging tarot cards;
  • How to know if a good card is a positive or negative, and how to stretch yourself to see new possibilities;
  • What happens when traditionally "good" cards end up in challenging positions in a reading;
  • What happens when traditionally "bad" cards end up in positive positions in a reading

Lesson Six: Master the Celtic Cross 

The Celtic Cross is one of the most well-known tarot spreads out there. But it is not always an easy spread to work with. This lesson helps you make sense of the Celtic Cross. You will learn: 

  • What the Celtic Cross spread is;
  • When to use this tarot spread;
  • How to navigate its 10 positions 

Plus, this bonus: 

When you register for Taking Tarot to the Next Level, you will also receive a free workshop to help you read tarot for yourself.

If you want to work on your intuitive development and feel more confident reading tarot on your own, this bonus class will give you tips and tools to get started.


I'm in! Sign me up.

By the end of this course, you will...

Have a range of tarot spreads to work with

From 3-card readings, to no-spread spreads, to the Celtic Cross and more, this course teaches you how and when to use a variety of tarot spreads effectively and accurately.

Trust yourself more as a tarot reader

Tarot reading is a skill that relies on a mix of logic, intuition, problem-solving and observation. This course will help you improve all of those areas so that you can trust yourself as a reader more and more.

Take your readings deeper

You will leave this course with more skills to help you navigate a variety of questions, situations, and expectations. Get ready for all of your friends to want you to read their cards by the time you're done with this course!

"How is this class delivered?"

Taking Tarot to the Next Level is a self-study program. It includes seven video lessons that provide detailed presentations. 

Each lesson contains approximately 1.5 - 2 hours of content. You can take the course at your own pace, and revisit it any time you like with lifetime access to the material. 


“This class is exactly what I have been looking for. How do I sign up?”

This self-study program is available now!

Pay in full up front:



  • 6 in-depth lessons
  • Lifetime access to the material
  • Fill in the gaps of your knowledge and LEVEL UP your tarot skills
  • BONUS: Receive the How To Read Tarot For Yourself workshop FREE


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Two monthly payments of



  • 6 in-depth lessons
  • Lifetime access to the material
  • Fill in the gaps of your knowledge and LEVEL UP your tarot skills
  • BONUS: Receive the How To Read Tarot for Yourself workshop FREE
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What past students have to say about Taking Tarot to the Next Level:

"I booked onto Liz’s course, Taking Tarot to the Next Level, as a returning intermediate level reader.  Having been out of the tarot world for a while and come back in during the age of social media, I suddenly felt confused, overwhelmed and in no way able catch up with all these readers with incredible readings, which included everything and the kitchen sink!

"Liz’s course started with what some may consider on the surface to be high level principles and took them really deep and helped me to dig right into readings in a way that really resonated with me. We examined the concepts in a new light and covered all the key areas that querents tend to ask about (and that tend to make me nervous).  The course was content rich and I couldn’t wait for each week to come around for the next instalment, and even now I dive back in to the lessons to gain further insights.
"I really enjoyed doing readings, getting feedback from an experienced reader, and the energy was very supportive and nurturing.  Since doing the course, both my tarot readings and rune readings have stepped up to a whole new level.  My confidence has soared and my feedback from others has gone from good reviews to outstanding ones.
"I have since done other great courses with Liz, which gave me a lot of food for thought and I eagerly await her other online offerings.”
- Rachel

"I want to say thank you to Liz Worth for an awesome class! Her supportive and encouraging approach to teaching and critique in her ‘Taking Tarot to the Next Level’ online class gave me more confidence in my readings and taught me to finally trust my intuition."

Jade DaRu

"I had completed a couple of online Tarot courses and read a few books on the subject when I came across Liz's course, Taking Tarot to the Next Level. It was just what I was looking for to deepen my Tarot reading skills.  

"Liz was so generous with her knowledge, which comes from many years of experience.  I enjoyed working with the spreads she created and found her adaptations of classic spreads like the Celtic Cross very helpful. I will definitely be using her ideas in my practice.  She answered all the class participants' questions and provided great feedback on the homework we submitted. It was a real treat to read her insightful comments.  Liz has so much wisdom to share—I'm glad I took the course!"
- Amanda M.

"Liz Worth gave us such insightful and valuable content! It was amazing to learn new ways to interpret the cards’ meaning and uplevel our tarot reading skills! "

Dana Hauser Encinitas, Ca

"I thoroughly enjoyed Taking Tarot to the Next Level with Liz. Being part of a community of learners was important for me, and Liz instructed, guided and inspired us in the process. Tarot is a tool, and Liz helped to instil confidence in our abilities to interpret the cards. Through discussions,  homework assignments and thoughtful feedback, I have learned so much more about Tarot and have gained insights into myself as a reader as well."

S. Lajambe

"I thoroughly enjoyed participating in Liz Worth’s class Taking Tarot to the Next Level.   Tarot has been part of my life for many years, yet I was surprised by the many new and interesting ideas and concepts Liz shared with us, and by the difference that these understandings have had on my Tarot readings.

"It was a great learning experience.  And of course, Liz Worth is an outstanding presenter and teacher.

"I enjoyed every aspect of the class- the - well laid out course material and homework assignments...  

"I am appreciative of the depth and breadth that this on-line course brought to my understanding of the Tarot.  And for Liz Worth’s willingness to share with us her extensive real-life knowledge and experience with the Tarot.  The knowledge I gained has helped me grow and become a more confident Tarot Reader."

Lisa Luna
Wise Owl Tarot

If you feel like your tarot readings are missing something... 

Or there are gaps in your knowledge, this course can be the step you need to take to feel better prepared.

Students who have taken this course have come out of it with more trust in their intuition, and more confidence to read tarot for other people. If you're ready to become a better tarot reader, I look forward to seeing you in Taking Tarot to the Next Level.

“This class is exactly what I have been looking for. How do I sign up?”

This self-study program is available now!

Pay in full up front:



  • 6 in-depth lessons
  • Lifetime access to the material
  • Fill in the gaps of your knowledge and LEVEL UP your tarot skills
  • BONUS: Receive the How To Read Tarot For Yourself workshop FREE


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Two monthly payments of



  • 6 in-depth lessons
  • Lifetime access to the material
  • Fill in the gaps of your knowledge and LEVEL UP your tarot skills
  • BONUS: Receive the How To Read Tarot for Yourself workshop FREE
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Frequently Asked Questions

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced tarot readers.

While we can all be at different stages here, anyone registering for this course is expected to have some grasp of the basic card meanings and feel comfortable enough to put together your own readings and interpretations.

We won't be spending much time on the basics of tarot reading, or discussing card meanings in-depth. If are looking for a beginner course instead, I highly recommend my Tarot Foundations program. It will give you all you need to get started with tarot, and prepare you for my intermediate and advanced courses.

Yes. If you put in the time and practice with this course, you can apply these techniques to work with clients. This course is designed to help you level up your tarot skills to grow beyond generic tarot meanings and build a tarot practice that has real-world applications. 

Much of the material from this class comes from my years of experience as a professional tarot reader. The perspectives, questions, and philosophies I share are part of the foundation of my work as a tarot reader.

No, it does not. None of my courses teach these correspondences. 

Why? Well, because my experience as a professional tarot reader has brought me to a specific place with tarot - where tarot is powerful enough on its own, without adding in different systems or occult theories. 

If you are looking for a practical, powerful, effective way to work with tarot that can help you serve others, Taking Tarot to the Next Level will get you there.

The deck used throughout the course is the Rider-Waite-Smith, as this deck is one of the most commonly-known tarots and is familiar to many.

You do not need to use the RWS for this program, however I do recommend using a tarot deck that  has clear imagery, preferably with people so that you can read the body language of the cards. 

I do not recommend working with abstract or minimalist tarot decks for any of my programs, as the techniques I teach do not lend themselves well to abstract imagery.

My goal as a teacher is to give you material that you can put to use. I can't transform you into a tarot reader - that is your work to do. But I can guide you along the way, and  promise to share lessons and material that I believe is relevant, useful, and important - based on my experience and expertise.

You are granted lifetime access to the materials in this course. There is no time limit on the class. For this reason, I do not give refunds on any course purchases - all sales are final. 

It is your responsibility to make the most out of this course. I put a lot of effort into my classes and give a lot of valuable knowledge that took me years to acquire. It's up to you to take the material and put it to use.

About Your Instructor, Liz Worth

A decade ago, I started reading tarot on the advice of an astrologer. My life has never been the same since. When I am teaching tarot, I always tell my students to stay open to how this practice will transform you. 

Because tarot does change us. And I am always so grateful to be able to show others how to work with this amazing tool. In 2017, Toronto Life magazine and She Does the City listed me as a go-to reader and tarot teacher. 

I am the author of Going Beyond the Little White Book: A Contemporary Guide to Tarot, which has been critically-acclaimed by emerging and established tarot practitioners alike. I have also written horoscopes for Flare Magazine and Spiral Nature, and my work has appeared on Biddy Tarot, Little Red Tarot, and the Numinous. I have been featured on a number of podcasts, including the Biddy Tarot podcast, the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI), and Tarot Visions.

I have facilitated talks and workshops about tarot, astrology, and magic in and around Toronto and the U.S, including the Northwest Tarot Symposium, Readers' Studio in New York City, and the Inaugural Light and Love Tarot Reading Marathon in Montreal.

Questions? Contact me: [email protected]

Course Policies + Fine Print

Due to the energetic nature of my work, all classes are non-refundable for any reason. 

It is your responsibility to make the most out of this course. Once you purchase a spot in this class, you are committing to it.

You may not share, distribute, or teach these concepts without explicit permission from me. 

For a full list of policies, please visit lizworth.com/policies.

Please email [email protected] with any questions regarding class policies that are not answered here.


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