Own your magic: Welcoming Sagittarius season and the Gemini Full Moon

Scorpio season is winding down this week.The Magician Cosmic Tarot

On Thursday, November 22, the Sun enters bright, energetic Sagittarius at 4:01am EST.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Under this influence, our focus can shift to big plans and bigger dreams. The Sun will be conjunct Jupiter, helping to enhance this benevolent energy.

The mood can be uplifting, optimistic, and promising. (The Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter all join up early next week, so this energy will continue to build in the days to come. Enjoy it.)

Sagittarius is a marked shift from Scorpio, which helps us to transition into this late fall season. Scorpio has been helping us to see how the year has shaped us, and what we are ready to shapeshift into during the colder winter months.

I always find Sagittarius season to be busy, but for me, the busyness is always more focused on play rather than productivity. When we are back in the element of fire, we can feel inspired to get moving in some way.

For some, that might mean moving from one plan to the next. For others, it might mean moving through an exciting new creative period – especially if the muse was on hiatus during the recent Venus retrograde.

(And yes, Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius right now, though I find Mercury retrograde periods to be highly fruitful for new ideas – it’s as though Mercury is casting a wide net into the ether and catching all kinds of bright new possibilities that you can work on down the road.)

On Friday, November 23, the Gemini Full Moon arrives at 12:39am EST. Full moons can help us to birth new understandings, concepts, or projects, or to bring things to completion.

In Gemini, this Full Moon can help you to tap into questions and intentions about how you use your voice: What do you have to say, and are your words being heard?

This can be a powerful time for writers, public speakers, educators, and other communicators. But then, aren’t we all communicators by nature?

Pay attention to communication and connection at this time, as well as things you may be learning, or hoping to master.

This Full Moon will connect back to the Gemini New Moon we had six months ago in the late spring, so if you set intentions then, check in on them to see how they’re doing.

Personally, I love Gemini moons. I find they act as creative channels, once again helping to tap into some fresh ideas and perspective. If you are in need of a creative breakthrough, or have something important to figure out, set some intentions this week to have this Friday’s Moon help shed some light on it for you.

This week’s card is the Magician, which makes perfect sense given the beautiful, uplifting energy in the days ahead. This is a card about tapping into your own magic, simply by following your instinct – your true nature.

“Do what feels right for you,” the Magician says. “Use the experience and skills you already have. See that there is value in what you bring to the table, and in what you have to say.”

On Saturday, November 24, Neptune goes direct after a six-month retrograde period that started June 18. This retrograde energy is much more subtle than the inner planets of Venus and Mercury, and its influence sends us searching into our spiritual depths.

Perhaps you’ve been spending some time exploring or committing to a new spiritual practice, or you’ve found yourself growing out of a spiritual belief and are now on a quest for something that better suits the person you are today.

Whatever is happening for you at this time, the week ahead asks you to stay in tune with the magic that you can create, in whatever form it may take:

“I surrender to the power that resides within.”

And if you’d like to connect with this Friday’s Full Moon, here is a tarot spread to help:

1. What has been hibernating within me for the past six months?
2. What truth am I ready to share with the world?
3. How can I amplify my voice?
4. What is my imagination trying to tell me?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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