Small moments in Taurus season

Four of Wands Starchild TarotWe have just under two weeks left of Taurus season, one of my favourite energies to be in.

As a fixed sign, Taurus holds tight.

The fixed energies of the zodiac – Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius – come along mid-season. They help to stabilize the season, keep everything in place.

As personality traits, the fixed signs often garner reputations as stubborn. But their functions are so much more than that.

While the rest of the zodiac gets concerned with beginning things, or changing them – which can be exciting when we are growing, or trying to make something happen – we need the fixed signs to remind us to chill out.

We need them to teach us to hold still, to level off for a moment and let the dust settle.

And so here we are, with beautiful, down-to-earth Taurus saying, “It’s okay to stop and smell the roses right now.”

It’s okay to move a little slower. To be more deliberate. To relax. To stop pushing so hard.

The card that showed up for this week’s forecast is the Four of Wands, one of my favourites in the tarot.

To me, the number is four is just as stabilizing at Taurus’ grounding presence. Fours create squares. They are boxes. Containers.

The four walls of our bedrooms, sacred spaces, sanctuaries.

In the energy of Wands, we are reminded of inspiration, creativity, joy, and passion. This is a card of celebration.

In the image here, from the Starchild Tarot, we see four wands across a Full Moon, making me think of precious things that hang in the balance.

Precious things that keep us buoyed, that give us something to look forward to.

Simple pleasures, perhaps. Things that are as simple as looking up at the Moon, which is waning this week, preparing to enter a new cycle mid-month.

Simple pleasures that are found in taking some extra time to be outdoors. Or to journal before bed.

You might want to take inspiration from this week’s Four of Wands and to align with Taurus’ slower pace.

What four things represent your pillars of joy? What four walls – literally or symbolically – do you put your trust in to renew your passion, creativity, and energy?

Try to spend some time this within those spaces, or mindsets.

If it helps, here is a mantra for the week ahead:

I am creating small moments for myself.
Until next time,

Liz xo

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